1. I forgot which show it was but to overcome "stage fright", imagine everybody naked.... Idk why but hey, at least they won't look at your face.

  2. Not recommended if presenting to a primary school class though :)

  3. If you get stressed out presenting to primary school kids, then that's probably the only option.

  4. I would play story mode over online if it had the car mechanics of online (eg mechanic to bring personal cars, changing personal cars, more garage space, cars from online to story)

  5. Using 6m3 wood for 0.5m3 worth of trapdoors is even worse

  6. I'd argue that using 1 piece of wood for 1 button 1/64 the size is worser

  7. Istg the live chat was more entertaining then the parade itself lmao

  8. Where did you watch where there was a live chat? Must've been chaotic during some parts of the parade.

  9. the casino! you can buy it from the small shop :)

  10. Sick! TBH I'm not too sure if it's an easter egg about them but if it is then cool.

  11. I just want a damn Aventador please. The Pegassi Torero XO is the closest we've gotten.

  12. I want an Aventador too. The Torero XO doesn't do it for me.

  13. You back the whole thing up to the water, the boat frees itself.

  14. Always wanted to try this and see if it worked. Thanks for the confirmation.

  15. Entering my autoshop, I should be able to choose to enter either my mod shop or garage, not garage AND then mod shop.

  16. Stole a sweet packet at my local store under the block. Yeah I was pretty badass back then.

  17. The zentorno is based on a lamborghini but not the one in the above photo. The zenternos back end is closest to the lamborghini sesto elemento with the front end being the Lamborghini Veneno, the headlights are from the 2015 Acura NSX Concept the A pilliar is from the Lamborghini Huracán and the taillights are from the Lamborghini Aventador

  18. I know it isn't but I like to pretend that the Feltzer is based on this car.

  19. I'm sorry, I have done scoping a million times. What ladder?!

  20. I managed to change mine in the Clubhouse, but when I register as a president, the notification shows my old club name instead which is annoying.

  21. In black, don’t forget the most important detail

  22. For the windows, we'll do the light smoke for this build

  23. Leaks say that it's coming out during October, I can't wait that damn long.

  24. Maru loves Strawberries. Strawberries are red, but so is Spider-Man. Confirmed.

  25. Hmm... buy car via smartphone, stay at the dealership an call the mechanic

  26. What I did was go to Simeon's, go to laptop at entrance, buy car, wait for notif, call mechanic. Not that bad honestly.

  27. cant use legendary motorsport on the laptop which is annoying

  28. Click the Home button at the top right and you'll go to the main page. Can access any website from there.

  29. Do you still get his messages when you passed by his shop?

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