1. Where do plane-obsessed kids go to meet other plane-obsessed kids?

  2. It’s just the worst and I’m glad I’m not alone in this.

  3. Oh man. Hope it’s back on for you soon.

  4. Turned on kut and they were discussing Tyree Nichols murder, not the freezing power outages unfortunately.

  5. KUT is discussing power outages now. 7:43am

  6. Cochon de Lait Po-boy is my second meal of the day when I fest, my last is fried chicken with a jambalaya side. Cover it all with Crystal sauce.

  7. I am hoping to have a bowl of pheasant, quail and sausage gumbo. Soft shell crab po-boy I eat at home and anywhere I can find them.

  8. During the fest, that gumbo is my first meal of the day!

  9. As of 11:40am — message from our principal.

  10. Told one of my buddies that lives on a really steep hill to keep his girls home; freezing rain is already starting to fall in some places and you can hardly get up his hill in good weather.

  11. Our teacher at my kid’s elementary school drop off just now said she thinks they will call an early release and late start tomorrow. It’s conjecture, but AISD conjecture.

  12. This feels scarier because of fucking last of us premiering 2 weeks ago

  13. I was watching the first episode when the power went out.

  14. Was in the 7th street HEB when it cut. Was interesting to be in a pitch-black grocery store with no sound except for people being scared.

  15. Crazy! How did they clear the store?

  16. I suspect Kate won’t go, and Nolatando will come back to Ambridge instead.

  17. I could see Alice and Chris getting back together. Neither of them really wanted to split up; Chris was originally doing it to keep Martha safe, but now Alice isn't in denial and is doing well in recovery they're splitting custody anyway. So maybe they'll pull together and rediscover all the things that originally drew them to each other!

  18. Seconding the reconciliation. Alice will lean heavily on Chris to get her through this grief and it will bring them back together.

  19. Any suggestions for a landscaper who can do a big residential regrading project?

  20. Maggi on boiled eggs is my favorite breakfast!

  21. A pedestrian was crossing the highway and was hit. They did not look alive when I passed. It looks like it had just happened.

  22. Is there any place that sells essential oils where you can smell them first? I'm trying to get my sniff on.

  23. Crystal Works has a good selection.

  24. Last chance to see Buddy Guy. He's on his farewell tour.

  25. I shook his hand once and his was easily twice the size of mine.

  26. Whole Foods downtown had a selection on sale this morning.

  27. Oh! The fact that people here use the word "wee" to describe things that aren't even actually that small!

  28. This is one of my three favorite lines in the entire series. The frustration on his face is palpable

  29. The Carol Burnet Show (showing my age here, don’t know if the young uns can find this on the inter webs)

  30. Cars and Coffee at Circuit of the Americas. Any insight on when they’ll announce upcoming dates?

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