1. Are you confusing my comment with someone elses? I’m OP lol. I only commented there because you’re assuming I have no money to buy furniture which was an incredibly low effort assumption and just weird

  2. My bad. Nothing against you OP. I love this shoe and honestly the only shoe I wanted all year but was lucky to hit on it.I simply was just stating that I would not pay resell even if I did not win. I think it ruins sneaker culture but as long as people continue to pay artificially prices I will continue to sell.I’m glad you got a pair and enjoy it. It’s your money and you can spend it like you want. I’m just glad to see you wearing. Some people buy just to put on a shelf and to me that’s just wrong.

  3. You got so worked up by the word "flex" that you completely forgot the context it was used in and dived into my profile to try and find something to talk shit about 😂

  4. Wish I had a landlord so I didn’t have to these property taxes about to hit.all I’m saying is you want to talk about flex but every comment you have made has been trying to be a flex. Your job,you paying resell, not having a landlord. I’m super confused

  5. I person wearing shoes at the airport? Who fuckin cares. Let them be who they want to be

  6. They fact you took the time to take pictures and post on Reddit is crazy to me. Like let people just live life how they want

  7. We didn’t participate we just risked our jobs to be treated like a slut on the internet…..we will now go to pornhub for drops

  8. This post is cap anyways they don’t give a shit.they just trying to make people feel like they have a chance because no matter what i guarantee you will still try

  9. Not sure what race has to do with anything.money is money regardless how you make it. Don’t blame the bots blame the people that pay resell. People pay thousands for bots because they know they can profit from it. You would too if you knew how.I’m not a fan of bots but I am a fan of money. Blame the people that pay resell.

  10. They don’t care. Sneaker culture is so f’ed up now.they still get paid and people still pay resell.stop paying resell and it will fix all this.don’t blame a bot.blame the people that pay resell.

  11. Concepts really shit the bed with this drop. Honestly, people should start boycotting again. If you didn’t even give the people a chance, they don’t deserve our hard earned money. I, for one will never give them a dollar.

  12. They don’t care. Sneaker culture is so f’ed up now.they steal get paid and people still pay resell.stop paying resell and it will fix all this.don’t blame a bot.blame the people that pay resell.

  13. The sock liner in pics 1,2,3 look different than the sock liner in pics 4,5,6. Looks like 2 different pairs to me. Sus if true.

  14. You’re correct these are different shoes for sure

  15. Yeah it was a sneaker pass but I think they may be dropping on SNKRS nationwide as well

  16. As of now it’s 12/3 EU/UK/Australia skate shops 12/5 EU SKNRS 12/20 USA skate shops

  17. Skate shops always back door these kind of releases

  18. Just skate shops? Every retailer no matter how big or small.

  19. Don’t get me wrong shoes do get stolen but I don’t think it’s as much as people Make it out to be.iv had a pair stolen but it wasn’t from a shipping company.

  20. How fucked up are you this early in the day?read your caption.also go back on the other post and read that again.

  21. My fault bro I realize my mistake. I’m coming off of a night of drinking NyQuil from a head cold

  22. If you don’t think stock x has their on stock and drive up a price you’re crazy.I imagine stock x even has back door connects. They are a resale plate form

  23. Cant lie, I’ve done this multiple times just to get rid of something

  24. This I will never understand!!! Like just return it. Why sell for less then what you paid. Makes no sense

  25. How do you get snkrs pass to show up if you’re not even in the area? I’ve never seen it but just assumed it was cuz I didn’t live anywhere close to the stores

  26. It’s called spoofing your location.a lot of people who don’t even live in the same state spoof their location.

  27. Can you share how they do that? Because I live in nyc, 10 miles away from their nyc location and I got the out of range message

  28. got ea and already bought them, was iffy about it at first but they’re nice in hand

  29. I agree. This is a solid shoe in hand and would recommend copping if you like 11’s

  30. It’s on the Nike app under drops all sizes up to 7.5 waiting

  31. Not on my app.Khaled probably got embarrassed and bought the whole stock.

  32. 200 profit for taking 2 min out of his life to click a button is definitely a win for me.

  33. It’s called money bro. $$$ speak. This guy had to take 2 min out of his life to double his profit. Easily a win for me.

  34. Ngl I thought the price on StockX would drop once released but there’re actually going up !

  35. Over way around I hit on the early access and should have sold. At the time of the early access these were about 400 or more

  36. I have been looking for men’s to ,started customizing so I have been looking for some pairs coke whites

  37. Kinda bummed I got on these tbh. Figured I'd take an L since it was still stock checking at 10:30 then I got the SNKRS notification. I didn't really want these in the first place and then just didn't feel that same excitement when the W came through. Tough scenes really but will go well I'm the collection at the very least.

  38. Mine are on the way...I want to see them in hand. I love 5s but I am a little skeptical that I am going to love these.

  39. In hand these are fire. I think once people actually see these is person they are going to wish they had a pair.

  40. That is false information sir. From a buyer’s prospective, if op can’t even take the time to take pictures he must not really care to much about selling it, shipping it on time etc. with so many fakes on the market it’s the least someone could do it take a shoe out for 45 seconds to snap a couple pics. Specially for this price.

  41. AMM are still boring AF, especially compared to their other releases. I'd take the stray rats NB over the AMM 4 every time.

  42. This guy must not have seen the shoe in person. Amm4 is the shoe of the year

  43. I think there's a lot of recency bias in play. Both shoes are within top 10 for 2022 but i can list a couple of shoes off the top of my head that can give them a run for the 1 and 2 spot... Travis Scott 1s 'Reverse Mocha' , Kobe Protro 5 Mambacita, a couple of the New Balance releases (jjjjound, jfg, kith, ALD), Tom Sachs... I'm going to leave out the LV Airforces because those are unrealistic for most people..

  44. Agreed. L&F is all hyped and for the middle school resellers

  45. How tight were the laces when you got them. Mine were so tight it looked like they couldn’t breathe? Had a dude post one earlier for sell and had some pretty bad creases as well.

  46. Mine felt like a whole size too small when I tried them on, laced way too tight. Just relaced them and they are fine now

  47. Well that’s a good hint that they might have not been worn. But ya those creases are bad but I’m gonna wear mine anyways. Creases build character ha but still no way to receive a shoe

  48. U prolly right. I still want em tho. I guess just don't wear them on rainy or hot days.

  49. But it looks like suede I could be wrong but I don’t think you’re suppose to clean with water on suede but don’t quote me there.

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