What’s a job that you just associate with jerks?

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  1. If you're downtown and need to go to an ER for anything but a gunshot wound or stabbing, take the extra time to go to Riverside. The Grant ER serves a lot more violent and immediately life threatening cases that will be taken ahead of you. The extra ten minute drive will save you hours in the waiting room.

  2. Plus I saw the biggest cockroach I've ever seen in my life in the Grant waiting room. A janitor was chasing it and hitting it with a broom and the thing just shrugged it off and escaped.

  3. Dynavaps and a desktop vape sometimes but almost entirely dynavaps. I'll never combust again intentionally.

  4. Occasionally large groups of tow trucks will meet up to stage for repossessing entire dealerships that default on their loans.

  5. With vaping flower multiple times daily for two patients it's running about $300 and maybe $400-500 if we throw in some edibles, carts/pods, and new hardware. When we were using carts and edibles exclusively it could hit $900-$1200 a month pretty easily. Mostly quitting carts/pods and being mindful about tolerance helped a lot.

  6. I tried to shop black friday sales last year and went to two dispensaries and saw the lines out the door and gave up. For 4/20 I stocked up last week so I wouldn't have to deal with this madness. I figure I don't buy anything that isn't 20% off anyway so the small difference between normal sales and special sales isn't worth the giant difference in crowding and stress.

  7. When I get expensive carts they almost always clog or break or stop working. I've had the most longevity with the cheapest distillate carts. Vapen one gram carts are my go to. I also find them to be more stealthy and more durable. I'm just tired of breaking or clogging fancy ones lol.

  8. You made some 🔥⛽ kinetic sand, though! But seriously it evaporates quickly and I wouldn't worry about it. I always rinse everything in with water and let it air dry completely just to be safe.

  9. I was going to at least try the bags. A lot of the reason I was going to get it, is because it's on sale for $135

  10. I bought the EQ on sale too and didn't plan to use the bags but now that's what I use almost all the time.

  11. Certified has always produced an underwhelming product. Stay away.

  12. The Gem gummies are terrific imo they work quickly and well. Their carts are very bad, however.

  13. I'll list the ones I've been to, a grade A to F and pros and cons I noticed. These are all central Ohio. Mostly Columbus unless otherwise noted.

  14. Between the two I'd go to Bloom, personally. Unless there's a great sale at Harvest.

  15. Man I don’t like glass carts they leak so much

  16. Mine have both shattered before I noticed any leakage. They're nice aesthetically but not practical in my experience.

  17. Bought this one at IPO. Rode it allll the way up, and allll the way back down...

  18. Buying the stock was more thrilling than buying one of their tickets to "space" will be, it sounds like.

  19. The Coors plant generates steam with a boiler to run brewing equipment (kettles, pasteurization units, bottle equipment, etc). They have a large, scale, efficient process for doing this, with excess capacity to sell the steam as a utility.

  20. Not sure about Coors but at the brewery where I work we have a system to produce methane from our wastewater and that's used to supplement the natural gas in the boilers.

  21. I'm 0 for 2 on finishing Certified carts before they break or clog badly like this one. Pretty tho!

  22. I wish someone would pay me $20 to see my dongle.

  23. Tow truck drivers. Particularly the ones that think it's bad ass to be a repo guy and drives everywhere like an asshole.

  24. That's a weird way of spelling of fleaun.

  25. I hate telling people what to do and I hate being told what to do... I found what I was looking for at a union shop.

  26. That is true. And union jobs aren't quite what they used to be. Our new hires get high deductible health insurance and a 401k match instead of a pension.

  27. I saw this news story the other day and my first thought was "Nobody tell Luo Ji"

  28. A guy I used to work with was in that cult. He tried to recruit the some black coworkers, too. He was fired for repeated sexual harassment.

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