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  1. I feel bad for OP, they thought they would get clarity from Reddit and are only more confused now.

  2. I know this is old but I appreciate the time you took to share. This should be top comment.

  3. It’s the trunk upholstery glue. They all smell like this.

  4. I love Rocket League but it’s okay I think it’s just okay 👍 I’m just tired and I feel bad for myself lol 😂

  5. I live in an apartment, and whenever she is is home before me she hears the door 3 stair down, run to our apartment door and just stand there and waits for me with the most beautiful smile. We have only been together for 3 years, but almost everday she does this and holy shit i can't NOT smile back. I love her.

  6. I 100% thought this paragraph was going to end with tail-wagging.

  7. In the context of bulking/building muscle your physique is anything but built.

  8. Wow man you have an eye for this. Definitely don't even recognize some of the pieces. Great job on both parts!

  9. I saw both when we were moving to NC. Instant regret. I have never seen so many confederate flags, and I'm from Georgia.

  10. I find this extremely hard to believe. No coastal state I’ve been to flies more of these than Georgia.

  11. I almost always have Ophidian on just because of the sheer amount of uptime I can have on damage with the reload speed benefit. Only thing I don't like about them is that when I'm trying to use the Stasis or Solar powered melee but instead I lunge 10 ft to slap a bitch instead. Just wanna snap or freeze them instead

  12. Disable auto melee in the settings and it will default to powered melee if charged. This is how people throw Titan hammers at point blank range. Works great on Warlock as well as Hunter knives.

  13. is there a way to disable that on console?

  14. I thought it was the same setting on console but I can try to check later. Would be quicker to confirm yourself.

  15. Oh good to know about the drop rate. I’ve just been trying to get better with my PvE builds so I was gonna try to solo it since I’m 1981. Thanks!

  16. I admire you wanting to challenge yourself but seriously just farm Legend for good rolls on these.

  17. I play in an office chair on hardwood. I start about 20” from the screen and I end up about 40” from the screen and/or sideways when things get sweaty.

  18. Yup, I've had this discussion multiple times with guys at my club and they are dead set that it's not a stroke. They also constantly turn in scrambles in the 50s. I'd wager they have NEVER made a putt inside 5 feet and have never counted a stroke inside 5 feet.

  19. Sounds like it’s time to announce “no gimmes” at the start.

  20. You’re welcome. Hopefully Ada will sell it soon and everyone who doesn’t have it can log in that specific day. Good luck guardians.

  21. This is correct we are all trash.

  22. Humanity has bred chickens to be hatched and kitchen ready within a few weeks. Speeding up evolution for chickens. And this is what you did with all of that success. The glass is more edible.

  23. If the fan keeps running when you turn it off it’s probably the delay board. If so, when AC is on you will probably feel a mixture of heat and AC ‘pockets’ of air mixed together. Flip the breaker to turn off the heat until someone comes out.

  24. The fan is supposed to keep running for 60-90 seconds when turned off. I’m not sure what advice this is. Other than turn the breaker off

  25. I'm not an HVAC tech, but when this happened at my house it stayed on constantly. Not 60-90 seconds, but all night. And it was blowing hot air. Your experience may vary but everything I said was true for me.

  26. You should probably use the correct red and make the actual 7 using multiple decals rather than use a “7” decal. It doesn’t take that long to do but should make a pretty nice difference.

  27. I did the 7 myself lol - and that‘s the only HotWheels red they have; i also wished it was a little brighter

  28. Alright fair enough maybe the angles don’t do it justice. Well done!

  29. I never changed mine, are we still able to do this? Or was it only for an available period?

  30. I want to drop the Indie from my GT and Destiny name, but every time I go to I can’t pull the trigger haha, way too attached.

  31. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

  32. 99% of people I get in to fill clan spots always roll up with little to no clears and all they say is I'll do adds. Like the lfg experience is mostly bad because people expect to be carried rather than watching a datto video before hand, I always suggest watch datto before any raid to one of my buds that don't raid often and he always has an idea what to do and it'd refreshing especially when he hasn't even been in the raid once. People shouldn't expect to roll into a raid and expect to be taught unless it's a marked Sherpa run imo. Some people just want to run a quick raid and move onto something else. I hope we never get raid Matchmaking because most people can catch a corrupted ball let alone do a raid mechanic that requires comms

  33. As someone who has only done Vow twice I only want to do adds because the ~19 symbols are way too many. This raid is not nearly fun enough to learn that many symbols. It makes it a hassle to learn, which makes it a hassle to find good groups for, which lessens the desire to play it and perpetuates the cycle to not want to learn it. I just want the LFR and I’ll be done with it.

  34. Yeah, this makes you the problem in these situations. If you don't want to learn the raid the next logical assumption is you don't want to raid and there is no point in teaching you the raid. The raid says what it wants from you and you either accept it or not.

  35. Correct I do not want to run this raid. I like raiding, I don't like the symbol complexity.

  36. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Please take my word for it and AVOID any conflict by not engaging any further with this person. She obviously has feelers out EVERYWHERE.

  37. It’s easy enough in Momentum Control. You can tell from all the posts on here calling for a nerf that people are stupid and will walk straight into the glowing pool of death.

  38. Agree with Momentum Control but just use a wave frame like Dead Messenger or Explosive personality. One shots.

  39. Right, I guess I just thought PS5 would have the power lol.

  40. Load your preferred list into DIM and look for the thumbs up.

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