1. The snowflake looks perfect to me

  2. I'm in a relationship and I use instagram as a substitute when a stranger asks me for my number. My account is private, though, and I usually just don't accept the follow request.

  3. Literally same here! Also it gives me the ability to block the account lol

  4. I don’t get why you edited it

  5. So her whole thing is walking on a treadmill?


  7. What would you poop if ur not eating anything

  8. I have rainbow magnet gel but idk what colour to put as the base to get this effect

  9. So my nail snagged and ripped off, which is the nail bed damage I’m more concerned about the red line close to my cutical

  10. Oh … when your acrylics rip off it so do some layers of your nail bed. The red line could be over filing or damage from ripping the nail off

  11. Over filing * means they filed a big too much near the cuticle.

  12. He is being that financially irresponsible and you guys live in Toronto….

  13. Dm me if u guys know who. Don’t put names here or u will be banned

  14. Maybe there’s more to relationships than physical attraction….

  15. And its on the driver to flip the sun cover down that was designed for situations like this.

  16. Or wear sunglasses… or if the glare is so bad yo I can’t see I front of your car you should not be driving at all. This is so ridiculous to me

  17. Well, here’s what happened to the woman who killed a cyclist, left him to die, and then tried to cover up the accident.

  18. Only a 3 year driving ban….. I’m sorry but if u murdered someone with your car you should never ever be allowed in a car again…

  19. Ok then don’t travel. Like lol

  20. What’s up with all these influencers wearing the grass cutter 5000 new balances?

  21. Idk but I used to wear them 4-5 years ago and they are so comfy lol

  22. To be fair that second picture is clearly distorted

  23. How about let people be who they want to be or express themselves however they want, mind your own business, don't concern yourself with others' lives when they are doing nothing to affect your life personally.

  24. Of course you would say that

  25. It being priced at $8 from $58 is so wild

  26. Please go to the doctor. You don’t know what it could be and don’t know if the anti fungal creams are making it worse ! Hope it goes away soon

  27. Seriously, I’m so annoyed with people acting like I choose to have camel toe. I don’t hike my leggings up my ass, I have a fat pussy 😒 like okay, lemme just sag my leggings?

  28. Fat pussy problems 😢 I feel u

  29. Idk why but no matter how much I pull down the leggings it creeps into a cameltoe … I just don’t have the anatomy for these

  30. I can’t even believe this a question

  31. I don’t see a comically small head but I do see something weird going on with the neck.

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