WHO says COVID-19 is still a global health emergency

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When laughter meets percussion

You got me stone faced

  • By - pstbo

  1. Vaughn's and BJ's are two great dives nearby as well if you want to get a feel for local neighborhood bars. Bring cash for BJ's.

  2. I truly was not expecting so many recommendations from this post. It seems I have so much more of New Orleans to explore!

  3. I am sorry for assuming that someone who enjoys kicking their mouth in the balls that much would be a man.

  4. Malört: a kick in the balls, even if you don’t have them

  5. This is gonna get buried in all the comments but the fucking Essence Lash Princess mascara.

  6. Holy shit, I fell down a rabbit hole reading posts on that sub and saw people talking about tripping on 1 g of Benadryl. I give my 100 lb dog about 100 mg of Benadryl every so often and had a momentarily brain fart thinking that 1 g = 100 mg and not 1000 mg and that I was somehow at the direction of my vet giving my dog horrible hallucinations.

  7. In the past when this has happened to me, I would just use strip lashes and then do a good cleanse with a brush and lash shampoo.

  8. I’m not sure if it’s still around because I wore it back in high school, but Paris Hilton Can Can was very sweet and candy-like!

  9. I grew up with beagles who would devour their food before it touched the ground. And then I got my dog - same thing, would barely touch his food some days. He did have a few treatments for giardia but I think puppies are just gross little worm hostels and it’s not related.

  10. I don't mind people who tell you at the start that they are paying separately. I mind when I ask if they want same tab or separate, they say together and then at the end decide to split not equally and expect me to remember who go what on a busy night

  11. When I served tables at a sports bar I’d always ask at the beginning, especially when it was groups of like 8 plus. Every time - “just put it all together, we’ll figure it out” only for me to run 7 different cards for specific amounts

  12. Nothing could’ve prepared me for that last picture

  13. Oh man had an apartment down the street in college. Been to both. More expensive than a nickel for shots though.

  14. I think I look like a doll (and not in a good way) with blush on my cheeks only. Swiping it across my nose helps it to look less defined for me, more of a “natural blush” and less of a “rouge”

  15. Big brother loves his little brother so much :) you can see how excited he is in the first video!

  16. You could set up a Lock Screen in the sleep focus so it’s the exact same but with different coloring, but when you turn sleep mode off, it’ll go back to that blue

  17. I know I can pick a brighter color that will show up, I’m hoping to keep the color I have during the day but that I can get the time to be more visible when my phone is in bed time mode without having to unlock my phone.

  18. What a cute pup!!! Our puppies are twins. Is he a border collie?

  19. He is a Great Pyrenees and lab mix! But he’s got the white spotty paws like a border collie so you’re not far off :)

  20. I’ve seen this before. It’s a rare genetic condition called “big chongus syndrome”

  21. My guess is that there’s no application fee because the application is just meant to steal personal data. You’ll be “approved” and they’ll ask you to send a deposit to get the key.

  22. That? No that’s not a dog, my suitcase just barks sometimes.

  23. More big guys in politics. All politicians should just be big guys who tussle instead of debate. May the biggest guy win.

  24. So Dave, the feminist only son of a single mother, asked a girl out who said “no I don’t want to go out with you because my twin sister is into you!” and he was like “well okay that’s basically the same thing thanks!”

  25. Do I not know what a pick me is? I thought it was more of a girl who tries to be “one of the guys.” I got called a pick me for liking Star Wars? I didn’t think it was that blatantly misogynistic, more like belittling more classically feminine hobbies/interests

  26. I think it’s more the mentality of making a point of agreeing with men. So in this case, while most of us know Andrew Tate is a moron, her sister would be like “I think he has good points! Women should be subordinate!”

  27. So you think people are more productive when they spend an hour or more of their day commuting?

  28. The spent cost of the lease is sunk, but there’s still overhead costs involved in leasing office space even if it isn’t being used. Also, I know this is true for my work, but return to office hasn’t been mandated. People are going in once a week or so for specific meetings, but there’s no guidelines. So our office (6 floors of a building) remains open even if no one goes in that day. You can cut down on those overhead costs with things like automated lights and whatnot, but you have to pay to keep the building running if you’re using it or not.

  29. The old “I’ll catch it with my foot” mistake

  30. Littermate syndrome is a definite risk. It can make socializing or separating the dogs later on incredibly difficult.

  31. my dog is 5! she’s on heartworm preventative she takes a pill a month for that from her vet. we live with 3 other dogs and she’s around them a lot but that’s it. we don’t go to dog parks & she doesn’t go to doggy daycare! no unsupervised yard time either.

  32. Looks like poop to me. My dog makes 2 of them a day, it’s pretty normal.

  33. I’m picturing a montage of George running around and doing more and more ridiculous errands to fill up his calendar and it’s killing me lol.

  34. Kramer convinces George to go shoplifting with him and the both of them wind up in jail. George ends up satisfied because it’s the “ultimate excuse.” That is, until the guy that George is due to fight also arrives at the same jail moments later

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