1. I recommend going for a non-estrogen based birth control. The estrogen will feminize you which I imagine you don't want given you're nonbinary

  2. I take Finasteride and haven't had any side effects. I've been on it for like two years now. Works as intended

  3. I agree with the other comment. Psych meds are known to cause loss of words/ forgetfulness. My cis boyfriend went through the same thing

  4. I think I went from a small B cup to a small A cup. This was after ~6 months on T

  5. I think given that your brother is also called Max you should choose to go by a different name. It would be very difficult if both of you were named Max. I think Mark would be a good name

  6. I put "male" even in my forms to see a gynecologists. If I feel like they need to know more, I explain to the doctor that I am transgender. If I were to put my gender as "female" then people that don't need to know about me being trans, such as the receptionist or a nurse taking my blood pressure, will know and would likely refer to me as she/her.

  7. This is good to know! I’m glad I can put male down (once I get my insurance info changed). I live in a very conservative part of Texas and would rather not out myself if I don’t have to. Thank you so much for your response!

  8. Your welcome! Good luck with everything! Some doctors you would obviously have to tell about being trans [like if you were having an issue with your genitals and haven't had bottom surgery] but some doctors don't need to know [like if you're having ear pain. That's not related at all with being trans]. I choose to only tell doctors that need to know

  9. I just had a hysto, I'm 6 days post op. You can't have any penetrative sex for 6 weeks [I know, it sucks].

  10. I was about your same height/weight at your age. Doctors tortured me so much about it. I had to get constant bloodwork to see what was "wrong" with me. They tried to make me admit I had an eating disorder, even though I had no issues eating and I was the one that ate the most out of my friends [always asked for second plates, could eat an entire pizza by myself, etc]. Both of my parents were underweight when they were my age, and my sister was the same way. We all ate good healthy meals. Doctors wouldn't believe me and would force me to see nutritionists, psychiatrists, sportologist, PCP, etc and do constant bloodwork on me. It was horrible.

  11. I went to Dr. Kryger in Thousand Oaks, CA. I think he takes most insurances. I am very happy with my results, you can see pictures in my post history

  12. just seen it , fucking awesome results 👏🏼 may i ask how much you had to pay left with insurance? and what type of surgery you got?

  13. Thank you! I didn't have insurance at the time so I had to pay out of pocket, it was $6,500 for everything. I got Keyhole surgery because I had a smaller chest

  14. I was hospitalized about 15 times in psychiatric hospitals for suicidal ideation and they didn't withhold my Testosterone, so I can't imagine they will take yours away.

  15. I have been on Testosterone and depo Provera for a year and a half now and haven't had issues

  16. I'm curious actually, is there a reason they remove the ovaries instead of just tying tubes?

  17. Me personally I am having bottom surgery, so they are doing a vaginectomy [closing up the vagina] so they can't leave the organs inside. They do give me the option of leaving the ovaries or removing them.

  18. Maybe I got lucky, but not at all. I honestly felt no difference with anything other than feeling relieved that I was rid of my uterus and ovaries and stuff that were making me sick.

  19. Thanks for your reply, that makes me feel much better!

  20. I was in a similar position when I was your age. My mother isn't religious but she was transphobic since I came out at 15 and would force me to wear feminine clothes, yell at me and other types of abuse.

  21. Chances are it won't strongly affect true mood disorders long term, but it may lead to better stability due to decreased hormone fluctuations.

  22. Okay cool that sounds great, thanks for your reply!

  23. I have depression and anxiety and afaik it doesn't have anything to do with these illnesses but a few days post op i was hit with a deep, sudden sadness for a few hours. I read some other people experienced that too. But in general i didn't feel any mood changes at all

  24. Thats good to know, thanks!

  25. I have heard of cis males being cheerleaders so I don't understand why you couldn't be?

  26. Will be 24 when I have stage 1, started the process at 22

  27. I'm actually getting my hysterectomy on Halloween! What should I call it? Lol

  28. Thank you ! I’ll propably post the sculpture once im done with it, and once again, thanks for offering help

  29. Make sure to post it if you can! I'm excited to see how it turns out!

  30. Sure will, im excited too ! Currently choosing a moth to reference (i think i explained the sculpture in some other comment). Currently thinking atlas but i’ll be browsing for some other ideas as well

  31. I pay $15 for like 3 months worth.

  32. I take all of these at once and haven't had issues

  33. did your period stop completely? how long have you been on it

  34. I didn't take it to stop my period, I took it as birth control. My period stopped completely when I started taking Testosterone, and after 4 years of being on Testosterone I got on progesterone [specifically the Depo Provera shot]

  35. A mi me gusto. Estoy esperando a el proximo capitulo :)

  36. Acabo de recibir la notificación jaja

  37. If you’re a regular smoker, you’d have to quit blazing for way longer than a week to test clean, up to 8 depending on your intake.

  38. Oh another ex meth user! Funnily enough, the first time I tried meth was the same day I started Testosterone and they did my bloodwork. Everything came back fine though, they didn't test for drugs

  39. Thank you for sharing! I read all of your story. Best of luck with T and the rest of your transition! Hopefully your parents come around. My mother was completely against the idea of me being trans when I was younger, but now she has come around

  40. I knew I wanted to be a boy since I was 4 or 5 years old, but I didn't know I was trans [because I wasn't aware of what transgender was] until I was 13

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