I made an abandoned city in minecraft

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  1. Nah then amie and jones gonna form a new seven group but called the legends or something and then ch4s3 is gonna be another war season but now we are fighting the seven💀

  2. And then the IO’s gonna return (reason only explained through comics) and use the power of Michael Myers, Batman and Thor to destroy the Zero Point for the 57th time

  3. Trampler and og Watcher are the only other missing machines I believe

  4. Broadheads aswell and Deathbringers

  5. I feel like Sigma and Zen are on a tier of their own. They are literally both gods

  6. Make her run with blades all the time

  7. It would be epic if you started deteriorating at a molecular level whenever you play Reaper, I think it would add more to the Overwatch 2

  8. Y’all are a bunch of Guerillas

  9. Wanda would crush him like a bug within seconds. Easy win for the Avengers

  10. Yautja suit for badassery + Jörmungandr for a friend :)

  11. You have a reddit post where you say you are platinum…

  12. My initial thought was that the Dementors were indeed the main antagonists. However they are not really villains in that book. They are just doing their jobs and act according to their nature.

  13. Even thought they’re doing what is considered their “job,” Lupin still remarks (in the books, not sure if he says this in the movie) that Dementors are among the foulest creatures to walk the earth. JK Rowling literally said they’re metaphors for depression, so I do personally think Dementors are the main antagonists of POA

  14. I was gonna say, paradigm was stuck in her reality since it doesn’t have a zero point so she gave the zero point to us, but then the zero point dragged a chunk of paradigms reality onto the island with her on it. So imo only one confirmed dead is the imagined. Origin, scientist and visitor got chromed (most likely dead but we’re not 100% sure) last time we saw foundation was when he jumped after geno in the zero point. And the order never have much significance in the storyline except for in the comics.

  15. Foundation returned from hunting Geno (this is when Imagined and Geno both died) and he too got chromed. During the Vibin’ quests we find his helmet abandoned, so he and The Order probably got chromed aswell

  16. When did the foundation get chromed? I knew about the helmet but never about him getting chromed

  17. During late season of Vibin’

  18. Geno, Geralt and Doomslayer are literally carrying this entire battlepass. Why did we need three goth girls?

  19. Some of the old, some of the new!

  20. !RemindMe 2 years “respond to this post”

  21. Poseidon Ramattra looks so cool, I hope to hell it’s not an item shop skin…

  22. R1: Tarnished wins easily. Percy would probably hesitate and the Tarnished could win in a sword fight.



  25. Smaug. Got that smooth voice and roasts. I love Rex, but homie got that wheezy voice

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