1. Did someone tell you that you are ugly? You are not, and if they did then to hell with them.

  2. Of course he's an expert, he's a man! He's just cured his wife of depression by telling her not to be depressed anymore. The man's a genius. ( /s in case it's not obvious OP).

  3. How did you spin this into a sexism issue. Just because he happens to be a man?

  4. Forgive me for not checking your profile for this, but which engine/model of 4 series is this?

  5. Omg please post clips after the catback is done (used to have a 428i and only ever got the m performance muffler)

  6. Amazing beard, please use sunscreen on your face!

  7. YTA. Stop mansplaining how to interview for a job that you do not do and in a field you do not know.

  8. Wait what does him being a man have to do with this situation? I admit I skimmed through after his gf made the first logical point about why she was grilling them. But wouldn't it be equally as bad/ YTA with the sexes reversed?

  9. You know their rates off hand? Sorry otherwise I'll phone tomorrow

  10. I just saw on the checkers60 app that u can get 2 passes with Virgin Active for yourself or a friend that’s valid till 31 Jan

  11. I just remembered something else, test out your auto start/stop feature even if you don't use it. If the engine won't auto stop/start then it means there's an issue with the battery. Dealer will replace out of warranty

  12. Just get a local shop to fabricate something to your liking. Make sure it is bolt-on so that you can return to stock when taking it in to the dealer. Don't waste your money on the MPPSK. Your car already has plenty of power and if you get a nice unresonated midpipe together with a smaller/no muffler you'll get much better sound.

  13. USA spec does not have opf, just the resonator.

  14. Thanks, I think it's the same here in south africa but none of the dealerships seem to have a clue...

  15. If it ain’t an /M or E90 this sub ain’t interested. But honestly I really like the changing color tech, feel like I’m living in a 80s sci fi movie

  16. But isn't that tech still illegal to have on a road car?

  17. What's wrong with the paint quality? Only asking because I have the same color on my 3 :(

  18. Salesman also told me that when I purchased mine but my manual says there is a break-in period

  19. Why would someone downvote this? I imagine that a secondhand BMW M-series steering wheel in great condition has considerable value. Why would anyone expect OP to just give it away?

  20. As luck would have it a few of my team’s players fell through for tonight, are you guys keen to play a game tonight at Century city? Don’t know if you’re willing and can play competitively? Last game of the season

  21. Game starts 8:10, so you can be there 7:50

  22. How's the engine and exhaust sound? Did they further mute everything with the LCI update? Do you get burbles in S+?

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