1. If you mutiny the Boatman on the way to the afterlife you can steal the ship and become a ghost pirate

  2. Dex is gay posting <<<<<< Gay hornyposting


  4. The movement has been co-opted. While there has definitely been accommodation on the part of the establishment domestically, it has only been allowed to do so in a way that doesn’t impact the imperialist project. Look at stonewall, which was driven heavily by leftists demanding complete institutional change. That movement was curtailed while the compatible, respectability politic based one we see today as rainbow capitalism prevailed. That’s why we have the Intelligence Community asking for more diversity while still supporting regimes that oppress the same marginalized people across the world. Additionally, those who benefited most from these reforms are higher class people. Trans rights are awesome, but without universal healthcare transitioning properly is inaccessible to many. Gay marriage is awesome, but disabled folks still lose their benefits. That’s my interpretation of the meme. The pic above is the original queer liberation movement that embraced class struggle, and the bottom is the rainbow capitalism that replaced it. The recent series of hateful attacks we’re seeing to queer rights illustrates the failing of this movement. It was ultimately built on accommodation and disproportionately benefited upper class folk.

  5. I mean, maybe I just live in a bubble but literally all the radical people I know are queer and vice versa. The only queer person I've met who was classist and capitalistic was my first boyfriend, and hilariously he was a rich guy from China.

  6. The other responses are focusing on the FEC as individual rulers, but I think they're leaving some important bits out. Yes, the FEC lacks a good amount of lore about how it "works" or more accurately, how it doesn't. But there's two big things to consider about them when asking these questions:

  7. The Legion of Blood also openly claim that Neferata was responsible for Ushoran's downfall. While it's ambigious whether this is just a lie they created to take the credit, they clearly don't like him.

  8. If the Old World is still canon for vamp lore, Ushoran stole his vampirism from Neferata when she refused to give it to him (they're siblings) and it turned him into the (physically) most powerful vampire as well, so she's always been bitter towards him. He was already a spymaster before that so it implies he was very formidable being both a brains and brawn combo.

  9. Those look like glaives and spears with extra steps

  10. Hate to have to break it to the internet every week, but historical people didn't give a shit about taxonomy, least of all with polearms. Most swords were called "a sword" in their contemporary sources with little distinction, and polearms were the absolute worst for this. Often times modern nerds are just deciding what counts as what based on thing no one back then would care about.

  11. don't care distinction is still helpful and important. People back than probably didn't classify ants differently either

  12. My point is that it's a minefield to talk about the "correct" terminology because of that. One just needs to accept that these are often either modern terms or modern attempts to pin down a contemporary term.

  13. Japan is dedicated to do everything in its power to solve the low birthrate (except for changing its workplace culture, offering any support to young people and young couples, allowing more people to immigrate in who could intermingle with the younger people, or properly address that capitalism has ruined the lives of both the workers and the people who get sucked into otaku culture until they are hikokomori)

  14. One realizes that they want to disappear from the world when they don't even give the Nisei Japanese nationality

  15. Who could've suspected that governmental and cultural structures

  16. Soulbound is interesting, since that concept/word has appeared in AoS (and specifically Stormcast) lore in the form of the Tabletop RPG of that name. Could definitely work as a theme.

  17. If it is Soulbound Knights that would be pretty big because in the TtRPG the Stormcast cannot be Soulbound at all.

  18. Interesting, I didn't know Stormcast couldn't be Soulbound themselves! I suppose I just assumed from them being playable in the RPG that they could.

  19. Nah they get a stronger starting position (slightly higher stat/talent pool) instead and obviously get to not die. Seraphon also have this "problem" as well as the Ossiarch Bonereapers, I believe.

  20. I wonder if Godwyn’s death gang got annoyed at Maliketh eating all the roots

  21. Matrix Beep is supposed to be the player I think?

  22. I've never played VtM so I was just offering what I was aware of.

  23. Og I hope I didn't come off wrong I've been drinking so my ability to converse is kinda gone. Im actually interested in the game you mentioned I hadn't heard of it so I'm gonna look it up, hell it will probably give me ideas to incorporate into a vtm game

  24. Lol nah you're all good, just specifying that I was also not poopooing VtM

  25. Meanwhile he created the maiden in black who has literal dark soles as part of her character design

  26. Well that was the inspiration for the Dark Soles series. Demon's Soles was the original title of the game because he kept thinking about Saint Astraea's immaculate feet in that pool of stinky sewage blood.

  27. Damn, I actually prefer it to the Albion from these pictures.

  28. I am desperate to see/make about her.

  29. Me to, although given how Hollywood works I'm like 90% sure they'd make her either straight or a lesbian.

  30. I almost exclusively use pdfs because it means I don't really need a GM screen and can fluidly swap to other documents, notes, reference pictures, etc. So even in person I typically GM with a laptop. Tablet would probably be fine, but I wouldn't buy one just for GMing.

  31. When my brother came out as trans, my grandma initially heard it from my transphobic parents. I was watching a movie with friends when my grandma came in, in a panic, to ask me if I had heard and to understand better what was happening.

  32. Damn, you know your parents probably got her worked up into a tizzy over nothing just to manipulate their son. Assholes have no care for even grandma. :(

  33. About my dad that's accurate, my mom is more complex. She's always been very vocally supportive and an ally to all marginalized people. Unfortunately, she is also somewhat conservative when it comes to her own position and self-worth, she believes its her duty to be loyal to my bigoted father, and believes that there is a God and that God is cruel and would disagree with her.

  34. Its not the ranger personification of death (so far I think there is only one group of ranger deities and they are basically just representations of the rangers themselves), its an alien ranger from a race with no gender.

  35. So yet another "it has no gender for it is not human" character that barely counts as NB rep.

  36. Not really, aliens in PR are viewed similar enough to humans/earthlings so I'd say it counts. Plus

  37. They don't have rings, like a trunk does. They have hatching lines leading from the inside to the outside (or vice -versa). Rings denote age in a tree, but more accurately they denote layers the tree grows to get bigger and older. Hence, if the consumables were all cross sections then they would get bigger with more and more rings.

  38. It is fairly clear at least they're not cross-sections of trees, because they have no rings. Unless Michael and his team of lesser Zakis can't tell

  39. Magic in Artesia is subdivided into specific lores as well as two larger forms of spellcasting and then finally two levels of spells.

  40. Dang brother. Thank you. That was thorough lol.

  41. If I can get one more person to play I'll be happy

  42. I'm an Eldritch Conservative, I want to keep society from progressing away from the Cult of the Deep Ones. What's next? These disgusting big-city degenerates going to tell us to breed with each other? Instead of my fish-wife? HERESY

  43. For Undead we have ghûls and barrow wights, as well as technically ghosts depending on the circumstances of the encounter. Ghuls are kind of like shitty vampires in Artesia, very into blood drinking, not a lot of innate powers. Barrow Wights are closest to skeletons or draugr from Skyrim.

  44. If check the pinned post you can also find a link to the various other bestiary entries I made. They're homebrew but all based upon some precedent either from loose lore or Greek mythos

  45. Probably the type who on the stinky end of the "knights vs samurai" debate.

  46. The only take I'll ever have on any warrior A vs warrior B conversation is "depends on how good each of them is".

  47. "Ah but bro they have the bad metal, my boys have the good metal! Deus vult!"

  48. Medieval fanboys when they find out most knights didn't have top-of-the-line, made for the king level swords

  49. Roleplaythroughs are the best ones

  50. This is an ice cold take lmao. It’s the Soulsborne equivalent of “Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda”

  51. Ah but he put the jomker in it, so that means it is a hot take, you see

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