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  1. This would be correct if Trump was also Herbert or a snake. Alternatively they could all be snakes.

  2. Snakes are cool, no politician deserves to be a snake.

  3. None since he claims Starbucks workers aren't proletariat because they don't produce anything of value apparently, he only cares for the aesthetic of Marx (he unironically thinks only like industry workers miners fishermen stuff like that are really working class)

  4. Honestly, a tonne of tankie issues can probably relate back to their hatred of intersectionality. A hatred of service workers and food workers outside of the industrialized part just reeks of toxic masculinity "if you're not straining your body you're not really working" mentality. (many service and food workers do strain their bodies, but I doubt this loser believes that)

  5. My mom would like OOP. She genuinely thinks that I should let her treat me like her little dolly to dress up and show off to her friends. She threw a tantrum last November when I finally cut my hair short after 2+ years of pushing for it.

  6. Glad you're gainfully employed! Congrats! I'm out to my parents and out of their house and still trying to get some stability, but I'll tell you right now, living apart from them was the hugest load off my life.

  7. Isekai does in fact endorse colonialism, particularly cultural imperialism. The protagonist is often presented as morally superior to the lawless locals, and even if he does objectively bad things it’s because “this world is like that” or some excuse. Like he’s been reduced to a savage from living among these less civilized people.

  8. This is also what you might consider "temporal chauvinism" (idk if there's a real term, I just made this one up) which is extremely common both nowadays and in many past periods. Essentially, the belief that modern people are better than people from the past. Isekai usually take place in places with a pseudo-feudalist structure, and have incredibly boring and contrived finger-waving from the heroes towards the people from the system.

  9. They argue that the dictatorship of the vanguard is the dictatorship of the proletariat. I remember in a YouTube exchange I asked about how much the average Chinese worker has gained in worker agency and control and they just took on sympathetic wording while saying "oh there's so much propaganda" and avoided the question.

  10. Most anarchists I know where i live are all polyamorous and in one complicated interconnected polycule. They’re all trans too, which probably says more about my taste in friends than them.

  11. I'm in a polycule right now and I'm the only cis person in it.

  12. Yeah it is definitely quite silly that most of the greatswords just have you slam it into the ground, doesn't seem like the best sword care so that's why when I use greatswords I prefer the few that swing left and right. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure all the ultragreatswords just slam into the ground but that's a bit more understandable considering how massive they are and that you'd probably want gravity working with you

  13. The Godslayer's Greatsword in Elden Ring (as silly-fun a design it is) swings in a wider arc and if I remember correctly it never hits the ground. So if you got that one try it out.

  14. Ooo aight I sure will. It also is just sick as fuck in general especially its weapon art so I definitely wanna use it sometime

  15. Yeah it's fantastic. My current favorite is the Dragon King's Cragblade. I like the idea of Heavy Thrusting Swords in general, their proportions are hilarious but I love that they let you keep a fencing posture against larger opponents.

  16. Do you have a commissions card? Like your art style and curious about the price.

  17. Watch the video. It's fucking crazy. Yeah it's self defense but he runs at him and straight prison shanks his ass bam bam bam bam bam. Dudes crying out "I'm dead I'm dead" while the dude keeps stabbing him.

  18. Weapons: Dragon King Cragblade, Bolt of Gransax, Giant's Braid, and Finger Seal. (Uses Dragon Lightning Incantations)

  19. May as well just do it, my guy has bigger problems then worrying what consenting adults do behind closed doors.

  20. Read the other person's comment about how that would require changing Ukraine's constitution. He can't just "do it" unless he upends their representative democracy.

  21. This happened to me too, but not online. Back to 3.5e the player just had not "time" to list his spells, so he used the same 2 or 3 for the whole campaign...

  22. I think there's some wiggle room for "I'm here for the game/story/characters, not for the combat or the tactics". Some of the best sessions I've had were playing games where you just list three things for your characters or were so rules-light everybody only had two-four abilities for the whole game.

  23. Yes but putting the link to their profile will actually get people to their page. Most art subs also require putting the artist's name in the title but this one doesn't so I wouldn't expect you to.

  24. and yet it worked, that 4 million in damages is a win for Alex. He got gifted $8million in bitcoin alone.

  25. That's only compensatory damages. He still needs to go for punitive damages.

  26. Tragically the only successful communes these days are cults. I have a very in demand skill as a blacksmith (tools, nails, horseshoes) yet many of the commune projects that aren’t cults are woefully underskilled in the areas of carpenters and engineers

  27. That's one of the biggest barriers. I would love (in theory) to try and help start some kind of commune ...but like, I'm a writer. I just make fiction and I'm alright at speaking and acting, and do martial arts and game design as a hobby.

  28. I mean I do small personal growing of vegetables for occasional meals but don’t ask me to organise it to fulfill the annual needs of a community.

  29. It's more about that even in an agrarian settlement, it's best to be self-sufficient when it comes to repairs and renovation. No offense whatsoever to construction/plumbing/etc workers, but their fees could sink a community if something bad came up.

  30. Blighttown swamp isn't so bad of itself but you gotta gun down the toxic darters ASAP and overall the wooden platforms are weird to navigate through

  31. People angry that a canyon is in a game.

  32. oh god Depths are unbearable too, though I like New Londo just for the sake of the atmosphere, it's actually my fav area in DS1 due to it

  33. New Londo feels like playing through Angel's Egg, but if the ghost whalers never left you alone.

  34. The water holds the bottle in place so you can do the cut better. It's not difficult to cut a water bottle, but the cleanness of the cut when nothing holds it in place but the weight of the water makes it clear how sharp and good the edge is.

  35. Yeah I know buy did they at least use old bottles filled with tap water

  36. I don't know, but there's no reason to assume they didn't. You don't need to remove the label on a water bottle to refill it.

  37. Looks like it would be hard to bend over without crushing your stomach

  38. The classic artist misunderstanding. The pull the plate away from the midsection because they think it'd make you more maneuverable, when in reality it would do the opposite and cause the plate to stab into your gut.

  39. You know, I always support everybody wearing what they want and expressing it their way.

  40. Tf is wrong with vaush (I know he's not rlly an anarchist but as a leftist in general)

  41. It's less the devil incarnate and more "this annoying guy that is so popular that we need to keep hearing about him, and thus we just shut down conversation about him because there are more things to focus on than his personal reputation."

  42. Damn this actually looks dope, Radahn Set really does go with just about anything lmao

  43. There are some armours with couters (elbow plates/pads) that conflict with longer gunatlets, so that'd be about it, I think.

  44. I was with you until the part about losing attraction to real people

  45. Yeah I clarify a bit better in my other comment

  46. I made an edit to clarify for future readers. Thanks for pointing it out!

  47. They really need to have confidentiality-bound, third-party lawyers beholden to neither side who can go through stuff like this.

  48. That wouldn't work in the majority of cases. When there's no evidence that a defendant or plaintiff have committed perjury, it's not fair to allow people access to their entire private life. A system that regularly used additional lawyers to do that work would not result in an "objective" actor in the proceedings, but instead those who are lacking in context at best or those who make entire careers off of snooping. Giving anyone such unilateral power, regardless of sworn oaths, quickly results in abuses.

  49. At least the Eminem comes with the official Bump Heads seal and Megastar Records logo

  50. Yeah, Rammstein got stuck with HoBblin Xnt! That's not even as good as Goblin Xnt!

  51. You’re welcome, glad I could help! Btw, for future reference, the +karma is only recognized by the bot if you start your comment with it. Much appreciated tho. GG!

  52. I was thinking in Terry Pratchett style and it could actually be pretty fun, given the player understands that his powers will be limited.

  53. Yeah, I'm the odd one out, but I've found after a certain point playing the specific arc of a D&D character can get really boring, and it can be fun to use the same mechanics but then change the dynamic a bit. I was always fond of the idea of a depowered dragon who needs to earn it back, etc.

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