1. The invitation 2015. Lamb.. hurt.... coherence... dark and the wicked.. Darkness 2002... Creep...bite

  2. I have tried watching this movie so many times and have never finished..I think I need to give it another shot

  3. Oh but they are. I have some 4,000 videos on a media server that I can play at random. It’s like mtv without the commercials or vjs. It’s wonderful. You never know what’s going to play next!

  4. I honestly never watched them even in their heyday. Some of my favorite bands I have no idea what they look like. I didn't care to know what causes they supported or who they dated or what fancy cars they drove.

  5. It's not about the appearance of the artists. It was about the art of the videos. They were like mini movies , the good ones added so much more to the song itself. Like Nada Surf Popular, that video wrecked

  6. I think all of the things OP mentioned is what made it horrifying all your gut instincts you don't trust, that little voice saying we gotta go, but not wanting to be seen as rude or irrational. Especially from a parent pov. Like you did this, you were suppose to be the protector

  7. I guess I don't like the drunk feeling as much as I did when I was I'm my 20s and 30s. Also the hangover struggle once you hit 40 is REAL. I'll still have a bottle of wine once every few months and can catch a buzz on vacation, but not near what I used to be able to drink.

  8. 90210, Varsity Blues, American Pie, Carrie, Fear, American Beauty, Porkys, Nerds , Nerds 2 ( Nerds in Paradise) The OC ,, Have all entered the chat. The intent of the content isn't to arouse the viewer, it's meant to shock the adults and relate to the target audience.

  9. I'm curious. Due to an old accident I have an enormously reduced sense of smell for my whole adult life. How bad exactly does fish smell in a microwave? Is it comparable on intensity to a fart or really extreme like durian or something?

  10. I read accident as "accent" and was very interested in the effects of accents on sense of smell

  11. Yep! (TW) After the 4th move and 3rd school district change by 4th grade I (43f) guess I packed on a little weight. I was never more than 15 lbs overweight, just enough to be pudgy, and you would have thought I was setting the house on fire. Over the next 8 yrs or so I would fluctuate due to various sports , but I developed a severely unhealthy relationship with food. I would eat "bad foods" in secret. Once she found a package of those almond bark bars ( you use for candy making) that I had snuck and ate a piece from and she left me a.note saying "piggy piggy you wonder why you are so overweight" I was 17, and like 130lbs 5'3. I've never shared that story with anyone before. It's a great reminder of why I don't let that hateful btch in my life anymore.

  12. I say partner because boyfriend and baby daddy seem less respectable for a 40 yr old person. Plus I like the look on some people's faces when they think "I'm a gay"

  13. It's a self cleaning oven. You made her mad, put on some loose indies and pj's and she will heal. Do not scrub your vulva

  14. I work in one of the [redacted] service centers where we service a lot of K’s jewelry. It’s always the poorest quality to work with compared to the other [redacted] owned stores.

  15. If I’m not mistaken, they bought blue Nile, diamond direct, and Jarred’s. I think James Allen too.

  16. Don't. Don't Subject yourself or your kids to thier toxic behavior out of some guilt that they should have a relationship with grandchildren.

  17. Ahh,.it's okay, it was probably in the material but not focused on. They can't let people get all right answers lol

  18. This will be interesting going forward. All those saying some one else is responsible other than the shooter, remember this will set precedence.

  19. No it won't . It was supposed to have dummy bullets and from what I've read there's no visual difference between live and dummy ammo.. and they were on a set,.not just a regular person in a regular place

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