1. I have a crush on both of them . They're too beautiful

  2. The dress is so beautiful! It looks good on Margot

  3. Ginnifer and Jennifer look alike. I thought it was the perfect casting before I started watching the show.

  4. She adopted a son in Private Practice. I love Private Practice. I was hooked to the show after season1.

  5. I like him as Dexter. He's hot and so talented. His performance on Six feet under is also amazing

  6. "My dick is bigger than yours.It is. And we both know it"

  7. Thank you for sharing this gift. I’ve not seen it!

  8. Diana’s style is straight up 2022. And if I had to pick a style to wear right now it’d definitely be hers 🤣

  9. That's exactly what I thought! I like Diana's clothes because I can wear them now

  10. Not necessarily similar but lots of sex but funny "sex lives of college girls".

  11. I love that show! It makes me laugh.

  12. Geralt's forehead on Yennefer. So much chemistry!

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