1. I would like it better if it actually were a crew cab, but it's only an extended cab. For me, a crew cab dually is the ultimate of any generation of trucks.

  2. I hunt for real trucks as well. That's what started my hot wheels fun years ago. The funniest skinny GM for me is the 59 Caddy, cool but odd. Once the real 70ish blazer 4x4 comes out later, a 90s mainline Silverado would be fun to.

  3. The '59 Caddy was a victim of a time when all Hot Wheels had to be designed to work on the orange track. I think that's what got the Customized C3500 too.

  4. I thought that body style stopped at 97. The 98-01 was the smooth front end that never gets hot wheels love.

  5. Buy another and have all 3 in a nice shadow box set up.

  6. All the new albums from the bands I like have been so bland this year.

  7. I think covid had people looking for a fun cheap hobby, and the awful side hustle reseller culture has people trying to make money off a dollar. But like anything in life....people ruin everything eventually.

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