Netherlands [1] - 0 USA - Memphis Depay 10'

You got me stone faced

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  1. A silk or satin sleep bonnet let's me sleep however I want 😃. Awesome curls 😊

  2. How do you make it stay on? Every time I wake up and it's nowhere to be seen

  3. I thought I was the only one still saying this in chat

  4. It's mad to think Brazil won 3 out of 4 world cups. What a fucking run that was. Same with Argentina being so close from 78 to 90. Amazing runs

  5. We might see France win back to back world cups for the first time since Brazil did it in 1962. If that happens then maybe 2026 world cup will mirror 1966 👀

  6. The English relying on the French? Coming home status is still doubtful I'm afraid

  7. Most nicest is ungrammatical fucken dumbass

  8. I was making a joke pretending to also be the most nicest redditor. I mirrored the rudeness and name-calling of the person you replied to. Sorry it didn't come across :c

  9. Won't be free for too much longer if the NHS is privatised and you have to go to the hospital

  10. Oh okay I get the fine part but how is it bad manners if you’re driving alone? Who are you going to infect

  11. No one, but it's just part of the culture as well. Many people would still wear a mask outside even if it weren't required.

  12. They’re all toxic for whatever demographic they trap

  13. Respond to this if you are older than San Marino (where my 290s kids at)

  14. Hot take: no team outside of NA and EU will make top 8 (sorry Falcons 😢)

  15. Still so surprised geng is lower than faze. Ik we havnt seen them on lan, but really we have doubted them time and time again and they have pulled through. I understand lower ratings than the dominant kcorp, but lower than faze lmao

  16. I refuse to believe this wasn't one of you

  17. Don’t worry no one can hurt you now.

  18. Still plenty to be hurt by but at least not a yank

  19. Shoot for an espresso roast, sure. You can roast lighter if you want, then use hotter water in the base of the pot when you brew. Dark roast works well if you start with room-temp water.

  20. According to James Hoffmann, using boiling water in the base of the pot should be a constant. I've enjoyed my moka pot brews starting with boiling water even for dark roasts. He says a variable between light and dark roasts is how much to fill the boiler. For lighter roasts fill it completely, for darker roasts fill it a bit less. I haven't played with that though.

  21. And thanks to doing that she's lost her free babysitter. Def not the brightest bulb if that's the case haha.

  22. Tbf OOP did come to the realization that she was a doormat for Sarah. Sarah was counting on her not realizing that. It wasn't a dumb move by Sarah. It was completely malicious and sociopathic though.

  23. The fact that Sunday has to start at 2am PT in order to not go too late in the EU timezones is absolute oversight from the team. They are again attempting 7 Bo7 back to back, even after community backlash. They should've absolutely split playoffs into 2 days and given some kind of half-time event before the final match. Can't say I'm surprised at the scheduling given the past

  24. I've expressed this sentiment before when the start times were first released, and some of the replies I got were basically that it's not an oversight at all and for once NA can suck it. I get the frustration for non-NA viewers when the times usually suck for them. But NA sponsors and viewership are way bigger.

  25. Gee looks like I was right—the original person replied below confirming my suspicion that they have a neoliberal, US-centric worldview.

  26. You don't have to be a neoliberal to disapprove of the Iranian regime. I'd hope those farther left would also reject authoritarian theocracy.

  27. Yeah for sure. I am against Iran's regime. But you can separate the people and the national team from the government. Also I was referring specifically to how they phrased their reply: "Iran is the very antithesis of USA, and we view their way of life as a threat to the free world. We would celebrate the same way against Russia, China and North Korea."

  28. Lewandowski had some good opportunities. How was he terrible?

  29. Which is why the penalty rules were changed a couple of years ago - to prevent this exact type of technique.

  30. It also looks so dumb. Wish everyone would just do a normal run up

  31. I think the defender would have saved it if the whistle weren't blown. He looked like he sort of stopped playing, only casually lifted a leg to try to stop it.

  32. I wasn't even allowed to wear a smartwatch for my Sunday league games

  33. Wearing a watch is worse than a gold chain. Hurts like hell being smacked by an arm with a watch on it

  34. I'm on my first watch through of Seinfeld and I think it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

  35. Pls Argentina manifest your inner Dutch

  36. How do you say football in Korean? (romanized pls so I can read)

  37. Yeah good finish but the buildup down the whole pitch and the final pass deserve the most credit.

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