1. Ignition/bovada for soft cash and some MTT ACR for lots of mtts, but much tougher also what catf00d said about HUDS if that sways your preference

  2. Gto wizard has lots of free, BBZ has complete chart package (chipev, icm, cash, sng, spin and go, PKO) $20/month $200/year or specific sets for $12/$100

  3. Ignition is soft for cash. If you like tournaments ACR has plenty of room for volume but much tougher

  4. You can't go really heavy with bets in the micro stakes over there, people "flee" the pot. Playing it slowly is always better over there, but lots of times you will have those guys going all in with pocket 10 or worst...

  5. Yep looks like the slow play worked, out well played. Where do you play?

  6. I just got a set of royals from Apache poker chips. Very good quality. they have some cheaper options. I’d recommend bumping the buy in to $25, and to .25/.25 blinds because smaller denominations are hard to come by and you will need more chips in total. I’d recommend checking out pokerchipforum for some other options and recommendations on how many of each

  7. online cash is much tougher than mtts but if you can beat 5nl you’ll be competitive at 2/5 live

  8. How long and how much did you smoke in the past to take 31 days? I just got news today I have to pass a drug test for a new job also I've been smoking for 8 years every day an oz a week probably only had about 2 weeks off in that 8 years

  9. Never heard of those pills do I order them online? Or which kind of shops sell them

  10. I got mine at rite aid but online works. 5 in the morning 5 at night, bottle I got had 60 capsules so I did 6 days

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