1. Red line is hands that ended with a fold, yellow line is winrate if you earned your equity in all in situations, so you are running above expected. Example: AK vs QQ all in pre for 200bb pot, yellow line stay the same because this is about 50/50, green line will show actual result of hand +100 if you win -100 if you lose

  2. can u elaborate about the redline ? I dont get it why is it negative

  3. Showdown is when after the river both hands and flipped up best hand wins, which is your blue line. Redline is non showdown, any time the players cards are not flipped up, either by your opponent folding to your bet, or more commonly you folding to your opponents. When your opponent folds you win the pot red line goes up, when you fold you lose what you put in the pot, red line goes down. Pretty standard for redline to be slightly negative or even unless you play super aggro

  4. Ignition for anonymous soft player pool as low as 5nl (.02/.05, $5 buy in)

  5. Don’t look much found someone made a questionable call, scoped him down 70k with $15 abi

  6. Play online .01/.02 or .02/.05 to practice/learn, look at preflop charts to learn what hands to raise/call or fold, common mistake is playing too many hands should be 33% at the very most. Lots of good free content on YouTube regarding cash games.

  7. Cash game for sure, 100bb max to start and can match the biggest stack, two different color decks so one is shuffled while playing the other, double stuff Oreos, 72 game, bomb pots every 30m/1hr (double board Omaha if GAMBOL)

  8. Raise more pre and don’t lead into 3bettor on this board. Can’t be results oriented you got it in good regardless

  9. Apachepokerchips I love my royals, majestics are nice too, along with other great options for lower budgets

  10. In this spot BB b33 1.9 into 5.7, so a 33% raise would be (1/3)(5.7 + V bet(1.9) + hero call(1.9)) so 9.5/3=3.1666 on top of the 1.9 = 5.066. Which gives villain 4 to 1 on a call

  11. BBZ has lots of content options, apestyles bundle, BBZ fundamentals, and quantitative strategies videos are good places to start

  12. can’t beat acr for mtt selection, but it is considerably tougher

  13. Ignition/bovada for soft cash and some MTT ACR for lots of mtts, but much tougher also what catf00d said about HUDS if that sways your preference

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