1. Personally I would be extremely fucked off if I am no longer able to access Twitter from my iPhone and I will never get another one again. My next purchase will be a phone that does not limit what I can choose for myself in that sort of way. And Apple is not an ethical company anyway, who are they trying to kid!

  2. I don’t know what you mean, I thought I had to get apps on my phone via the App Store?

  3. So random but a friend was in Hawaii recently and they were able to get a prescription called in to a local pharmacy while on vacay. Maybe they go lucky. bet it depends on the doctor

  4. If it’s a controlled substance it won’t happen

  5. There are some rumors going around that the M3 will get a refresh in the third quarter of 2023. I'm hoping for an M3Plaid.

  6. When U can’t update the mcu or AP hardware version

  7. Styling? Looks like an egg on wheels, LOL. Battery? Yeah, no.

  8. Your opinion bro. But They can’t make them fast enough.

  9. I suppose so. This EV thing has ramifications that re being ignored. But whatever people think. :)

  10. Can move to the next level without change. Nobody wanna he gassing up flying cars in the future.

  11. Shorty got her neighbors shoes and online bragging 🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. How? I’m a way that’s not half assed? My issue is the bolt impression and the scrapes gouges across the top

  13. Btw to replace the rear fascia on model y was roughly 600.00

  14. Tesla has me quoted for diffuser replacement this Monday for 333. 240 ish for part and 80ish for labor.

  15. End of November into December Tesla likes to Ramp up deliveries. Every year around this time these threads are made. Whether u acknowledge it or not, this is how tesla operates. It’s their EoQ.

  16. Switch the source. That closes the other audio app.

  17. The damage is minimal. I don't recommend replacing. As it would likely get hit again. If it bothers you proceed with replacing.

  18. If it gets hit again as long as it’s not my fault I’ll go thru insurance to fix. But this hurts to look at because I did it and it was totally avoidable.

  19. I had similar damage from a rear end accident. The SC gave me a quote of around $490 iirc. That’s only for the part but if I wanted them to fix it for me, they quoted around

  20. Close. I’m AZ i got this quote from tesla service:

  21. How else would you like me to describe the condition of a shoe I bought new and wore one time? 9.5/10? VNDS?

  22. Had installed in July 2022 pulled Oct 2022 when I moved. Upgraded to wall charger so no need for this. Has everything you need (except tesla adapter) to upgrade your charging To a much faster 6-20 220v 20a system. 120$ shipped

  23. This person just posted the same image on

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