Aoashi - Episode 24 discussion - FINAL

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  1. They tend slightly to the left, but usually deliver very high quality journalism in general especially in the print version.

  2. Oh its really free! I didn't even have to enter my bank account details for it. It was a deal on my Bong after shopping at Netto.

  3. Just a heads up, I think you meant a Bon like the Kassenbon, it originates from french, so spoken like with g or something like it at the end but not written :)

  4. I'm aware of ebay Kleinanzeigen but would Workshops buy it? I mean places that fix computers

  5. It never crossed my mind to go to a subreddit of a country I visited and tell them how I found the experience of being there. What's the motivation here? The post doesn't lead you towards any point or conclusion.

  6. Because many people think being a foreigner in germany is horrible. It doesn't have to be.

  7. It's gonna smell like weed in the city like Amsterdam so not happy.

  8. Das tiefe Problem liegt an deinem Einstellung im Kopf.

  9. Selbständig werden, freunde suchen, den du vertrauen kannst und deine Sorge mit ihnen teilen.

  10. I just moved from malaysia to germany. Here cyclists and even people on e scooter go on the road. No accidents.

  11. Ja, das ist der Aspekt, der mich erregt. Nein, ich habe kein Problem Menschen 'zu fetischisieren'. Warum? Weil ich natürlich nur mit Menschen intimen Kontakt habe, die auch mich wollen. Es ist immer einvernehmlich und mit gegenseitiger Anziehung verbunden. Sowohl ich als auch mein Gegenüber, mit Transidentität oder nicht, möchten sexuell intim werden. Deswegen erkenne ich auch nicht, wo da ein Problem entstehen sollte.

  12. Als ein trans Mann finde ich dich ekelhaft aber okay.

  13. What materials/courses did you use to study? And how many hours per week?

  14. My situation is a bit special. I had an integrated german pathway for my last two years of high school. Had german classes for a year and took A2 in February, then B1 in June. After finishing my Alevels I had intensive classes which was 4 hours every weekday for two months then I took the B2 exam last week.

  15. What a great way to end the season. I don't mind that the latter part of the game was glossed over so that we can focus on the ship. The hug made me giddy, and that forehead kiss just cinched the deal. Hana really is best girl.

  16. A news article said that the first season only covered under a half of what is there atm. I'd say a second season is very likely to happen.

  17. Im sorry but this is my top anime of 2022. Hands down.

  18. So even if i live in römerstraße which is next to the Bahnhofsplatz bürgeramt I can go to the one in richterich instead? There are earlier appointments there...

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