1. I was a 13 and found DSOTM vinyl in my parents record cabinet. Listened to it and loved it. Went and bought the CD (this was 1999ish) and it was the soundtrack of one of the most formative summers of my life. I distinctly remember listening to it riding in the back seat of my parents suburban as we’re on our way to a state park. I had my arm dangling out the window with my head resting on my arm, also halfway out the window. I felt the warm summer breeze blowing on my face, listening to time, sitting next to my sisters best friend (whom I had a crush on at the time), thinking about the meaning of life. DSOTM will always be the soundtrack to summer for me.

  2. Doesn’t look like he had a front impact. It sounds like he hydroplaned and mostly spun around. Hard to say for sure.

  3. I love reviews where the owners respond to one star reviews all butt hurt. That whole review page has kept me glued for ages.

  4. Anyone got a link to the reviews? I only see one response from the owner and it’s not to a person named Susan so I’m wondering if I’m missing something… I want to read more of this shitshow lmao

  5. Comp time, yeah that's where I put all my OT. I'm at the bottom of the totem pole at my job, so it doesn't come my way often. I plan to be here for the long haul tho, so should be getting plenty in about 5 years, got a lot of retirements coming up.

  6. For comp time, do you get paid for the OT as well and it’s accrued and a certain rate/hour, or do you get 1:1 hours OT to time off?

  7. The standard for working OT for comp time is getting the same hours and you would in pay rate. If you’re working for 1:1.5 pay it should be 1:1.5 hours as well. My old job did this but capped comp time at 80 hours per year because then they would have too many people taking extended vacations.

  8. Thank you. Very helpful. I’m hoping I might talk then into accrued time, in addition to 1.5hour pay, rather than comp. I’d like my team to get additional accrued time when we put in OT, at the same rate they would normally earn it. Most people on my team are at 3 weeks PTO per year, so whatever the math works out to, like .5hrs/week or something like that. If my team member works another 40 hours of OT I believe they should get another .5 hours of PTO.

  9. My answer to the female version of this question is his wife, Alicia Vikander.

  10. Fucking Canadians, mayne. Gotta love em.

  11. What about the ones that aren’t fucking?

  12. See that’s the part I don’t get. It’s not much of an issue to wait for the skip button. If I’m watching YouTube I’m usually actively doing something, rather than like taking a nap or going to bed, and it is nothing to hit skip. Plus, if I get sick of the ads, I turn on my Adblock. But, I like to support the creators as much I can, and watching ads here and there costs me nothing because, as I said, I’m usually watching while I’m drawing/painting/chores anyway so it’s not really time lost.

  13. My guess is him an many other officers are holding a flag that’s spread over a field or at a parade and they’re waving it while the national anthem is being sung and he’s saluting because of the anthem.

  14. Swear to god. My dad was a police officer so I’ve seen stuff like this before pretty often but I’ve never seen this specific video.

  15. I don't want a revolving door of OCs. I'm hoping Beane makes solid drafting and FA moves and overhauls the lines. I hope this lights a fire under Josh and the entire team to truly better themselves and be critical about where they've been weak. Hopefully Allen pushes himself to take the checkdown a little bit more often and the rest of the offense can support him next year without putting everything on his shoulders.

  16. Allen needs less of a fire under his ass and more of a zen garden. Otherwise I agree on all fronts.

  17. The audio played over a scat video would work lmao.

  18. Lmao I love this. You should do a profile view where it’s really just a bulb, instead of having a long tail like a normal shark. Or don’t, either way it’s great as it is!

  19. I have big dog and little dog. They both come when I call dog. It's easier that way.

  20. I named my dog, “cat”, and my cat, “dog”. Keeps things interesting. Especially when guests are over.

  21. Maybe. I mean honestly I think the tickets thing was just bullet board material. It was something they used to get fired up. I don’t feel like it should have been a Buffalo forfeit but it should have been a no contest.

  22. People would be wise to remember, like you, that the shittier people’s actions should not speak for all of those that fall under the umbrella of a fandom but quietly sit in support, or at the very least apathy. The actions of the few should not cause people to “hate” an entire fan base or team, especially when heightened emotions are involved. I get disliking a division rival because the very nature of that relationship is going to lead to distain. People take it too far, though, and get genuinely angry and hateful at every fan of a particular team just because of some other asshole, when that person might be a kind and considerate person. Unfortunately the assholes tend to be the loudest and most persistent voices.

  23. Gorgeous! I can see the Kodak building from my apartment window. I love seeing things that remind me of Kodak and my city’s hay day. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I still have no idea what Let’s Go Brandon means because I never gave enough of a shit to look it up. Conservative attempts at cleverness and humor are almost universally terrible and cringe.

  25. The other commenter told you what it means. What’s even dumber is how it came about. Some fans at a race track were chanting “fuck Joe Biden” while a reporter was interviewing the winner of a race, who’s name happened to be Brandon. Whether knowingly or not, the interviewer said (paraphrased), “The crowd is cheering for you, ‘Let’s go Brandon!’” And that somehow caught like wildfire.

  26. To be fair I reckon I’m going to ugly cry no matter how this season ends. It’s been a lot

  27. Ain’t that the truth. This season has felt like the trials someone goes through before a great revelation. Hopefully that revelation is the realization of the Bills being SB champs for the first time ever. Hopefully this year, but if it needs to be next year so be it. I really want it for guys like Poyer who may not be here next year.

  28. Probably because the bearing strait is known for being ruthless and a school is typically a safe haven. It just has an odd contrast to it.

  29. Yara intervened. Lev was on his way back to the island and Abby and Yara were there to find a boat to chase him.

  30. My apologies lol, it’s been a long time since I beat it last. Thank for the correction!

  31. It’s all good, I figured :) I just played it for the first time.

  32. Even worse: people who jump out from a side street or parking lot, cutting me off, and then driving slower than I was. Such a rush to get in front of me just to be a dipshit.

  33. I was just going onto the highway where there is a tight full loop to get on, and it’s icy today. There was a pickup truck tailgating me. I drive a little 2-door wrangler so it slides on the ice around those turns really easily. I usually take them at about 25mph. But then it’s a short line to get up to speed (65mph). I drive a standard, but my Jeep is slow AF, so I usually keep it in 3rd/4th until I’m at least at the speed limit and then shift up so I don’t cut somebody off. We’ll the pickup truck tried to pass me on the right in the merge lane, but ran out of space. I was not trying to not let him in, just going my usual rate of acceleration, he just miscalculated. So he cuts behind me, then gets in the far left lane. Shocker… he ended up doing slower than what my usual cruising speed is and never left the passing lane. Boggles my mind. Like, how about you wait until we’re on the highway and up to speed before you even think about tailgating, or that there’s ever a good reason to tailgate.

  34. I had a similar experience. I had misophonia and PMDD (figured this out after I went NC) which I was mocked, humiliated, laughed at, and make to feel like the devil child. I would be told I need to go to anger management or put into care by my mother because of my conditions. I have alot of resentment that it wasn't looked into. I can't understand how a mother wouldn't think me having a full on meltdown over my brother eating crisps infront of me on purpose was something deeper. That's not normal behaviour. She made poor decisions and the consequences of this as an adult has caused me endless psychological problems. My mother failed me, I was a child, as were you. The onus is on them they failed. Not us. Be kind to yourself. X

  35. You should read “Running on Empty” by Dr. Jonice Webb. It was eye opening for me, and I share much of the same traits you’ve described.

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