1. If you’re interested in selling the walker kessler auto lemme know!

  2. What he did to the best defender in the NBA proves nobody can guard this man

  3. Want to sell jamal murray auto /75 and a bobby portis auto /10 both from obsidian

  4. Look for a card show coming up in your area. They often have trade nights and that would be a good place to start

  5. I have some cam I’m looking to get rid of. I’ll pm you pics if interested

  6. Looking to trade my Cam Thomas collection. Lots of inserts and some autos. HMU if interested

  7. Main PC guys are Jokic and nuggets but also Luka, Giannis, Ant and Ja

  8. I have a decent amount of fields and Tlaw I’d trade or sell

  9. Joker and it’s not even close

  10. Looking to buy Jokic. Interested in mostly mid end, upgraded but willing to consider anything you may have. Tons to trade as well

  11. I have an SGC 8.5 Select RC if interested for 55 shipped

  12. Definitely. Shoot me a pic when you have some time please

  13. I have a few of the josh allens. Would be willing to trade but would prefer to trade a few for one higher value card if youre interested

  14. You want to trade or sell that bones?

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