1. Of the last dispensary weed we bought before my first grow came, in Apples and Bananas was by far the standout strain. Hope yours is banging too!

  2. What's the best online resource for wash and aging portion? The other parts I got down

  3. Do you know why it costs so much or where I can see that info? I want to understand how much stuff costs for public works and how it gets funded.

  4. Sounds fire. Flower the male out first male sure it’s got the traits your looking for

  5. If you flower out males can you evaluate them and cut them before the pollen drops?

  6. Did you pheno hunt him? I'm thinking about trying to select a male for a a few mother's and trying to figure out the best way to evaluate a male.

  7. Home assist. Pi 3/4. All my hvac, water, and nutrient system. I 3D printed my dosing pumps.

  8. Looking to get my toes wet for irrigation and dosing, what resources would you recommend?

  9. My code is all custom. Basically I use nema 17 to Drive nutrients and ph. 12v Valves to open and Close the water supply, and a sonic sensor for water level. With a float for top. I took my recipe and scaled it up to my 1000L tank. The water kicks on, dosing pumps add in sequence ( volume per rev x rpm)

  10. I don't know how you guys have enough space to pop freebies?! NASC keeps me stocked up on freebies but I have more beans than space at the moment

  11. my live resin diamonds literately haze ZERO parts per billion of butane, so not sure about your argument stands up against proper diamonds done in a lab

  12. He wasn't talking about your resin diamonds he was talking about states that don't test. You and I both know there are goons that don't do hydrocarbon extraction right and those types of people push people to rosin if the market can't filter these types out.

  13. Don't need a PhD to understand that those types of fertilizers are a rip off. It's not too hard to use basic nutrients salts.

  14. Nice setup, why is the flowering tent the shortest one though?

  15. They are all flowering. You can see them more in depth in my posts or @greatalaskagreen on IG.

  16. Yes but 30 minutes is too long imo, 15 minutes is better

  17. Comparison is the thief of joy! If you write down your mistakes and fix them next time you will always improve through your grows.

  18. How long did this take to finish? Do you share seeds?

  19. I am very interrested in breeding. Could you explain what backcrossing means, and what it does?

  20. I'm not an expert but it means when you take a plant and cross it with one of its parents as it helps stabilize traits

  21. Where did you get the seeds for that strain? Dm if you like

  22. It's bred by Solfire Gardens, they have information on their discord for vendors

  23. There was a guy that won Twizzle Dance and then asked for cash equivalent instead of the pack. Was that you? If so you were banned

  24. How's the smell? What day are you planning on harvesting?

  25. Day 63 is goal, heading into flush getting their last bit of nutes today. This pheno is a red powdered candy funk clashed with ice cream its really unique. The other cherry cosmo i have is has tahitian treat fruit punch syrup terps

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