1. Looks great still. If it turns pink which is will since you’ve been tattooed with a warm pigment then you will need a touch up eventually. Have them use color corrector when the time comes. You can always go thicker and more intense for the touch up too

  2. Awesome. Whoever did them did a nice job. Your hair strokes are tiny and so pretty in the fronts.

  3. Why did you post this here? Not really what the sub is for

  4. Damn, your face is too pretty in this picture... wouldn't want to ruin your makeup

  5. Damn, you have great skin not gonna even lie. Mind sharing your skincare routine? ( not joking, I'm actually looking for recommendations )

  6. Dm me i’ll get back to u whenever i wakeup tmmrw im going to sleep but i’ll give u the low down

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