1. What is happening to all these subreddits can someone explain?!

  2. No offense taken at all! And that’s the most bloody brilliant idea I’ve ever heard! Now I wanna make it happen lol 😝

  3. Not that it's your business, but no I don't. I'm happily married with three kids and don't have any use for it.

  4. Nah im just curious how im an immoral whore but im sure youve done your fair share of browsing on porn hub in ur life 😅

  5. babe thats fine if u think im ugly like did u think i wanted to fuck u or sum? 😂

  6. the backbone of any roll is a solid filter.. u gonna get some scooby snacks 🥴😅

  7. 19, got my own place but I’m also autistic and really stoned so I get paranoid, so what?

  8. Ok, was just wondering because you seem overly anxious about getting caught smoking and it explains why if youre 19, newly on your own and also fall under the autism spectrum. I have twin brothers that were diagnosed when they were two and theyve been in behavioural therapy their entire life basically so Im pretty educated and familiar with autism/neurodivergencies and can definitely understand how this would trigger paranoia. Like I said before, you’re definitely in the clear! 😇 if the cop was gonna do something they would have done it when you saw them, and again like i said before, if theyre out working during this hurricane theyre DEFINITELY not concerned with a grown adult smoking a lil bowl in the privacy of their own home 🥰 even if they did “smell something” which would be nearly impossible ESPECIALLY during a hurricane (however I can definitely understand how you would be concerned with this because autistic individuals tend to be extremely sensitive to scents/tastes/feelings etc) they have no proof of anything and wouldnt waste their time haha. I dont know many cops who would try to bust someone smoking a bowl on their porch at night haha, they have way bigger problems to deal with! Ur good ❤️

  9. Ooo this comment rubs me the wrong way :/ $200 right away from a new sub that asked for nothing in return is a very generous tip in my opinion.. if thats not “that much” to you then thats fine but you shoulda kept it to yourself, youre just kinda coming across as braggy and entitled… kinda ungrateful too.. 🥴 im happy for you that youve achieved this level of success and receive such large tips from subs who ask for nothing in return on the regular but this is definitely not the norm for most creators and i think i speak for the majority of us when I say that we would be extremely grateful for a $200 tip right off the bat from a new buyer in exchange for nothing at all.. idk.

  10. I don’t think it’s braggy or entitled to be skeptical and to question the legitimacy of those who claim to be “paypigs”. Anyways, i don’t see how I’m “entitled” because Im not claiming to be entitled to anything? I don’t actively encourage large tips and don’t actively seek “paypigs”, yet I’m somehow entitled? Oooooook lulz

  11. It has nothing to do with you “questioning the legitimacy”. We ALL suggested she be cautious about this. What I was referring to was you saying that she should be “weary” of this SOLELY BECAUSE “200 isnt that much”. Then after multiple creators replied saying that they thought $200 upfront from a new buyer who wanted nothing in return is a fuckin score, you then commented back saying that youve gotten that or more for doing nothing too and you must just have higher expectations when someone says they’ll spoil you. You also threw in that youve had a 1000 tip just because. THATS what gave off a sense of entitlement and ungratefulness, i just dont think it was necessary or productive to share this as it just seems like bragging.

  12. Ya ur good to smoke em!! If weed is stored properly it will last a while, but you’ll definitely smoke those 3 joints well before the weed starts to become moldy or something :)

  13. Just break open the bubbler if you need the q tip that badly.

  14. My wife says I smoke all day but that’s not true I only smoke when I’m awake.

  15. People always suggest a t break im like i do that every night when im asleep? 😂

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