1. Remember when that goof got completely owned on jre because he is an ingenious pos?

  2. The basement trying to say that Logan Paul’s injury came from botching the lariat so they don’t have to admit he’s a better wrestler than AEW’s top guy is so funny to me.

  3. How do you build up your own thing in journalism, is it possible doing it as a sidegig

  4. Remember to get some liners or it will be a sweaty, stinky mess.

  5. Hmmm, I hadn't even thought about that. Just did a brief search online, is there any specific material you could recommend as a makedo liner because all the ones I found online were for just more insulation

  6. Halford's usually tends to have one or two basic/low-tier in stock at tolerable prices.


  8. This movie is amazing. I'm shocked more people don't know about it.

  9. Reminds me of the photo of the Quaid listening to a Muhajir's problems after Partition.

  10. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, but don't think it's that rare since I discovered the song from this sub. Besides that the other contendors would be nevermore, lily of the valley, don't try so hard, scandal

  11. And nobody is calling out Tony for hiring him after the disaster of the AMA in the basement because…

  12. Helloo, I had a question for you. If you read the Qur'an in Arabic how much of it can you understand? It's a goal of mine to start learning Arabic after I get some stability after finishing my master's, Arab ppl are very ehh tho so those parts of the language would be wasted

  13. I never learned Arabic properly, so I can't really understand the Holy Quran directly in Arabic. However, my mum made the effort to learn Quranic Arabic and grammar, and she is able to understand the words directly without any translations.

  14. Oh that's kinda surprising, is that common there? Like are communities that segregated that you just use English all the time?

  15. There were three swerves in this match. All very well done.

  16. Kross… thinking he’d get involved somehow

  17. Oh, I seriously have no idea what Laveck sees in him and Hit Row. Really hope Roman's next feud isn't with him

  18. I'm hoping he gets some WCW-era Eddie tights for his attire, to go with the mullet.

  19. That top is too flabby for a just tights look, really wish the dude had started working out more if he knew this push was coming

  20. Recently played through Shut Your Mouth again, god-tier season mode. Love that it goes 2 years, hate that you have to beat it like 4 times to unlock everything.

  21. We were in Dublin (from the US) in March. We loved it. There is a lot of ethnic diversity in Dublin, so no one is going to easily be able to single you out necessarily as a tourist (although, there are a lot of great "tourist" attractions).

  22. How hard is it to have decent conversations with the locals and try to make friends

  23. If you're in Belfast and don't want to spend £18 on the hopon-hopoff buses, you can buy a translink adult one day pass for just £3.50 to use all buses and trains within Northern Ireland. Alternatively a 5day pass is £15.

  24. NC150 will stay free forever, I'll also be adding free content for OOP & System design.

  25. I was thinking of wrestlers that always wear shirts and went to check if Tommy Dreamer had and was unaware of the horrors that awaited. Had no idea that Tommy did a nude photoshoot at some point and could have died happy without knowing.

  26. Definitely draw upon your strengths with your finance background, you'd likely have a leg up in having domain knowledge for fintech focused dev.

  27. Yeah, I'll try seeing if any projects I'm doing have a finance aspect to them. Will focus on leetcode/DSA a lot.

  28. The commenter above is right regarding the level of work. I would focus on the college work for now. You do get some breaks between semesters but unless you're sure you wont burn out, I wouldn't be taking on anything big.

  29. Yeah I decided I'm gonna take it chill for the first semester. Just focus on the coursework and try to do interesting projects for the courses. I'll set a milestone of x leetcodes a week and fulfill that as well. It's better to be consistent than to go all in and burn out in a couple of months

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