1. It's a move that acts as an invincible reversal. It can let you escape pressure, but is often very unsafe so if your opponent predicts this you're gonna get hit with their strongest punish. It's named after Ryu's shoryuken, the classic example of this type of move.

  2. This one is, but that's not necessary. Arcueid's and Ciel's are on down-down inputs.

  3. He's done worse... That billboard! You're telling me a man just happens to fall like that?

  4. Oh! Sorry, I thought you were one of those types who constantly post about how insert trans anime character here isn't trans due to the fact that they're from japan.

  5. Yeah? This isn't a meme, I'm trying to talk to someone. Like I'm addressing their point that representation can feel shallow, and giving an explanation as to why.

  6. Clouds have hella good offense. You get struck by lightning once, and you're probably locked down for hours until you can activate your ambulance install.

  7. I’m just wondering why it doesn’t say function rebel on the left hand side.

  8. I don't know too much about the stylish mode meta, but it seems to me dizzy has a lot to gain for new players. Tiger Knee inputs are hard to do for new players, while also being used for some of dizzy's strongest tools, the bubbles. So being able to do an instant bubble with one button may be a huge help for someone trying to learn her. Additionally, all her combos ending in a setup teaches new players about Dizzy's oki, though this is probably the same for all setplay characters.

  9. I think you put out a decent answer, but dizzy also really struggles with stylish mode because the extra damage you take in it turns her from a glass cannon, to a cannon made of fog which will dissipate to a stiff breeze. Generally the best abusers are Pot and Leo iirc. Pot because one button PB for easier punishes on everything, and his high health helps somewhat negate the stylish mode downside. And Leo because he can use his projectiles without charge, and again high health. (Also before you say DO with charge any invincible special done with special move button loses its invuln)

  10. I thought about that, but I also think that Potemkin is slow and is gonna take more damage throughout a match, and having effectively less health due to stylish may hurt him way more. Dizzy has the evasiveness and the oki to avoid taking damage as much as possible. She is significantly weaker of course, I just think having her current weaknesses made worse isn't as bad as having one of Potemkin's main strengths taken away. Leo may be right, though. I've never played or fought him actually so I wouldn't know.

  11. Yeah. It lowers the execution I find, but character gameplans can be very complex. Often times when people say a game is casual friendly they are thinking about execution and combos, but tfh can feel like you're getting beat in the corner nonstop for 10 hours.

  12. Cause people are cowards who don't want to learn some setups

  13. I always said what Silent Hill needed, is a new concept, preferably made by a Japanese Team again. When I saw Silent Hill f yesterday, I almost cried out of sheer joyful disbelief. It's even better that the game is even set in Japan. I was ecstatic! That said, i never ever heard of Ryukishi07 … so I googled it and noticed that this guy is beloved by it’s Fans. I love VN‘s but never heard of Umineko before. I know what makes VN‘s special and the thought, that a author that is writing stuff as cool as Visual Novels is making a new Silent Hill… makes me faint in excitement.

  14. If you do read umineko, just a heads up that it's got a very slow start, the main character starts out as a weird creep and you're kinda supposed to not like him at first, and the story can be very violent. If you can make it through to the first murder, everything picks up from there. Just make sure you read the content warnings so you know if it's for you.

  15. people are debating blooper team in these comments. Guys that's not as important as the umineko guy writing a silent hill game. This game is gonna rule.

  16. what are these? Any info? New Fate characters(i hope not)?

  17. We don't know yet. If I had to wager a guess, based on the previous dlcs we got, we're getting an MBAACC veteran and a newcomer to the series. The MBAACC character is probably satsuki or nanaya, cause satsuki has a new route coming up in the main tsukihime games and nanaya is a popular fan favourite who wouldn't be that hard to implement due to his similarity to Shiki. The newcomer could be anyone. Probably not a fate character, but who knows.

  18. Patience, we just got some and it must take an ungodly amount of time just to draw all those sprites. We've got a few more confirmed to look forward to.

  19. Do you ask the sun why it shines? The flowers why they bloom? Sometimes good things do not need to be explained, they simply are.

  20. It is not a parody of something else. I just wanted to post "strive isn't real" with no context but that wouldn't be that funny to anyone but me so I added some context.

  21. Still five (four) more units than you need lol

  22. Yeah I realized in the chapter after this that Dussel and Seth are kinda OP rn and do not take damage. This is average Seth behaviour, but I have never completed an Ephraim route playthrough so Dussel is a pleasant surprise.

  23. Dussel is so unreasonably strong here, compared to how he is in Eirika route. I love him.

  24. They were probably either joking or salty. You won't get banned for dodging an attack. I don't think you can get banned from online, unless you're hacking or something.

  25. Free? Last I checked it was 20 dollars still

  26. Can someone explain to me how ladiva is a girl? That goatee and stash are confusing me.

  27. Idk if this changed with recent patches cause I haven't played in a while, but combos in the corner generally don't use autocombos due to damage scaling. Using them is fine at midscreen, but optimal corner combos will do more damage without the autocombo. That being said, you're fine using the basic stuff, even in the corner. I don't really know many corner combos, and it hasn't affected my gameplay too much. If you ever find yourself cornering the opponent a lot and wish you could do more damage, maybe learn a corner combo. But these also tend to take up a lot of your EX specials, so it's not like the easy combos are completely irrelevant. But in general, this game isn't too combo heavy.

  28. Yeahhhh unfortuntely the melty blood tutorial is kinda bad. It's a shame, they really dropped the ball on character specifics.

  29. You can set your lobby as a training lobby and request people teach you a specific character in the chat options.

  30. Kanon IS so cool! And he only gets better as the game goes on.

  31. Zoners aren't meant to be weak up-close, they're weak at disadvantage. A well balanced zoner still will want to go in, because they can't start their combos off of their projectiles. In airdashers, everyone ends up being some sort of rushdown, so zoners are typically given some form of offence to run, that gives them high risk/reward, while playing from a distance in neutral. The main downside is that they don't have as many options to transition into the offence off of their zoning tools without, for example, spending meter. Additionally, once you get in on them they've basically lost.

  32. To play neco arc you must think like neco arc. You can't do much, but you can pull shenanigans. With some creativity, some stupidity, and some luck, you can make her work. She's essentially trolling.

  33. Join the church of Kohaku. They have to work around you not the other way around. She has some of the largest normals in the game and every one of them converts into a combo into godlike oki. You are good in most situations, and amazing in specific ones. She does struggle against zoning due to her lack of projectile, but she's very good at controlling space otherwise.

  34. Oh it's a joke about this strategy rpg series called fire emblem.

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