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  1. thank you :) wanting to do a new color soon, can’t make up my mind on what though!

  2. wrong term I suppose, I just mean how much darker my skin is around my vulva.

  3. The tats? Yeah they do. Maybe something you'd expect when getting them?

  4. I meant around my vulva, I guess discoloration wasn’t the right term to use?😅

  5. one touch and you’ll see :)

  6. Great angle! My arms aren’t long enough for this :(

  7. no worries, no antisemitism here! I see what you’re saying though, I really appreciate it :) I have a hard time appreciating the look of my vulva, hate how much it sticks out but hearing this makes me feel a lot better.

  8. You got some big eyes alright. Nice big light blue eyes.👁👁😉

  9. they’re my best feature🥰

  10. thank you love🥰🫶🏻

  11. that’s your problem not mine lol

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