1. 🥔🪳🥔🪳🥔🪳🥔🪳🥔🪳🥔🪳

  2. May I ask what you find funny/interesting about Bubba the Love Sponge?

  3. Got the Artifact 5.66 Colas! It weighed 6.3grams and some of the best cured flower in the 2 years I've seen.

  4. Moron! This is why you have to always be "Looking out for Motorcycles"

  5. Who in the fuck flys flags off their truck like that? The Insane Narcissist!

  6. John is the Absolute worst guest, EVERY time he appeared somewhere! Nobody will have this slobbering drunk on now! Especially since he's demanding payment now!

  7. That shit is so fucking dangerous and nasty!

  8. Yeah, unfortunately I smoked a metric shit ton of it in high school a decade ago.

  9. Little burn holes in your clothes the shit would always pop and explode out of the bowl.

  10. He can't live without either its for his Ooocccddd!

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