Kanye West back on Twitter after suspension as Musk takes control of platform

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  1. Calling people stupid doesn’t strengthen your argument PipingHotGravy.

  2. Having 420 in your name doesn't exactly convey intelligence.

  3. Never get out of the boat. Unless you’re going all the way.

  4. No, he retired in 2018 and did this in 2021.

  5. He was also charged for accepting $225k from a foreign intelligence agency WHILE AT FBI!

  6. Also Deripaska isn’t a real estate developer, he’s a known associate of Putin, McGonigal knew that.

  7. Cavs are 28-19, but yeah Fire the coach lol! That record with all of the injuries they’ve had is great imo.

  8. I had bet MGM in Indiana and they stole my money as well. F them

  9. I agree but they have performances of scoring 66 vs Nevada, 65 vs WKU and 56 against George Mason. They are playing the number ONE team in the country. The best. Numero Uno.

  10. They gave up 77 to an 8-10 South Florida team at home last game though.

  11. I’m a newb, what is that instrument? Where can I find it?!

  12. Treasonous traitors shouldn’t be allowed to hold office, they should be in Prison.

  13. If it is china then our enemies have control of our sky and we are powerless to do anything to stop em....if it is china. Then china Is able to shut off our nukes and get really close to our aircraft carriers and make mockery of our finest planes and pilots . None of that sounds good.

  14. China, the country that steals all of its tech, and can’t innovate, has this super tech that’s light years ahead of us?? Unless they stole it from the aliens!?

  15. Deleted twatter today, fuck musk and his fascist friends.

  16. Here's the definition of fascism in case you wanted to learn what it meant before using it again.

  17. It’s gonna be raucous tonight! See you in section 117

  18. Crazy thought. Is there any chance the Guards would make a splash and sign Correa? He would fit perfectly with the team - strong right handed bat, still young. Trade Rosario, Lineup is Kwan, Gimenez, GOAT, Correa.

  19. Please no Correa, I’m all for signing someone tho. I also think Oscar Gonzalez will adjust his launch angle over the winter and be hitting major bombs next year.

  20. Insert: picture of Pablo from Narcos on a swing looking sad.

  21. Roosevelt admits that American diplomats still don’t know how German Chancellor Adolf Hitler can bring an end to this disastrous war and save face.

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