1. Just a normal day in the group chat!

  2. [F] the contestants explained it the most, fine line pen, was stupid, and distracted the team, all just because of how funny pinned posters initials were, he deserves to go die, in hell, to be tortured by Danny devito, Chris Pratt, and Jim Carrey

  3. Yo N and F, what do you guys like doing together?

  4. Hi! I’m one of the moderators of the subreddit. While I’m still active on Reddit, my apologies that the mods (including myself) haven’t been the MOST active on moderating the subreddit as we could be - so we recently opened a post two months ago discussing who should be a new mod a little while back. Hopefully additional moderation helps quell some of the issues.

  5. I had mixed Pluto and ghastly fellow into the same picture to make up for not doing Pluto last time


  7. I know his design is lazy af, but whatever

  8. [G] you may assume that I'm voting him because of the drama, but honestly I felt like he didn't do much this episode

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