Should GameStop (GME) Shareholders Keep Direct Registering Their Shares?

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RC takes stake in Alibaba! per WSJ

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Dr. Susanne Trimbath (Queen Kong) on Twitter...she said MOASS!!!

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  1. The authorities likely by now have frozen his assets. This is just pr for the idiots falling for his victim narrative

  2. In the movie, his name is Ben Rickert, he’s based off the real life Ben Hockett.

  3. No prob, I listen to the audiobook like 6 times a week. If you liked the big short you should check out some of the other books Michael Lewis put out. Flash boys is one of my other favorites and Liars Poker is decent as well. Really gives you a good perspective on the people we’re betting against!

  4. I do want to read his books thank you for the rec. I liked watching his 20/20 segments

  5. Jeff should be the next bachelor!!! Lmao

  6. The 2nd one is fud. Questions on titles are answered with “no” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. A question in the headline of an article is answered with “no” according to journalism practices. So they don’t have to.

  8. 100% all created on purpose. Watch the Money Masters

  9. "Competition for talent ...has fallen significantly.." ok but costs of living hasn't you soulless parasites. 🙄

  10. As if 1 guy could ever destabilize the entire market by mistake without some kind of redundancy kicking in. 🤡 world.

  11. I mean Ken griffin from Chicago will definitely be destabilizing the entire market one of these days 💀

  12. If there’s infinite money why do people need to work?

  13. I don’t claim this “event.” Tired of people trying to organize lame ass protests when we all know they do nothing.

  14. What the fuck did I just watch. Did he get all pissy because they were trying to give credit for crypto progress to Blackrock and then he freaked out and said they have been using it for multiple types of repo facility’s and to move money around for 12 years?

  15. He’s saying we’re too dumb to use it and only they should have access to it.

  16. I saw the RC tweet post earlier today and was expecting it to still be in Hot, but it's not even in the top 24Hr with 18k updoots!

  17. Bro it was in All and hot. Not sure what you were looking at

  18. This debt default b/s has been going on for my entire life and beyond.

  19. Plus if they actually paid off the debt we wouldn’t have money because we create money off debt.

  20. Last summer they turned off the wire button. I was trying to move to credit union and reps couldn’t help me transfer funds. Nothing sus going over there 🙄

  21. DRS GME to save the world and see Ken griffin cry.

  22. This is clear market manipulation. Should be outlawed since they can’t regulate shit.

  23. No one cares. Find the alibaba subreddit. This one is about GME.

  24. Agree. Stop trying to make Alibaba happen. It’s not gonna happen.

  25. I don’t follow anyone. I just like GME, DRSing my shares and moving them to book entry because* I buy directly from computershare

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