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  1. Thank you! How hot do you have your bed? We've been using the default. We only have PLA, or Makerbot tough filament. Would be nice if I could use Cura, like my printers at home, where I've fine tuned this. We have a Delta mini at home that we use glue stick with, so I'll try the painter's tape and glue route. I'm actually trying to print rings that snap together for a phonics spinner, so not having extra material is ideal.

  2. I use blue painters tape and slightly burnish it down. Then I rub a elmer's glue stick on it gently. Sometimes it's 'too much' and I press the plastic into the tape. Sometimes it's just right and it leaves this really cool smooth-ish texture to the bottom side. I have also printed on glass but with PLA it's tricky to get it to stick to glass. I suppose you could try the ABS slurry still and see if PLA will stick on glass. I don't know. I gave up on PLA once I had a part warp in the sun in my car. I strictly print in ABS now and have gotten pretty good at it.

  3. Anything USB powered we strongly advise not using and there is definitely a policy against air purifiers that hang around your neck. The reason is many of these are NOT engineered to be in a pressurized cabin. There was several cases where E-Cig's were being recharged and exploded (Thermal Runaway) and someone had an around-the-neck air purifier and it too exploded burning her face.

  4. Is it okay to use if those devices don’t get recharged during flight?

  5. There is no policy on those fans (on my aircraft) but there is a policy on those air purifiers. Just know at any moment if it has a battery, something really bad could happen. Often what happens is people buy on Amazon, Amazon gets from China, and they don't think someone might have this in an airplane where the pressure could cause thermal runaway. I suppose if you don't charge it, you might be ok, but I do know when I am charging my phone from a separate battery it gets pretty hot. (The battery does).

  6. Cleaning services are really funny. It's really tough to build trust and keep low-paid cleaners from stealing shit. And when you go after the business owner, they either (1) Never checked to see if the person is an illegal immigrant (2) Never did a background check (3) Have no policy to handle $7/hr employees stealing/breaking shit (4) Hourly employees try and skimp on the work and still get paid. (5) Hourly employees have little job ethic

  7. I'm not paying them the client is so if the client feels they stole or don't like the job they just refuse to pay them and that's that. I get my half for referring them

  8. Right but if you go through a business, they can take any old body. Because you train these people and have a personal vested interest, they trust YOU to do the right thing. I have also found that many people are very racist/prejudice and only want similar people in their home.

  9. The stupid thing with apple is just give us an adapter from USBC to Lightning. I have one from amazon that is super tiny and will do just fine.

  10. I live next to New York City. I have seen dudes dress up in scrubs, and tell people that they are resident doctors just to get laid knowing they are $5 away from being homeless and have no job. Point is this: until someone does something for YOU without asking something in return, chances are you need to be watching every second because you don't know who you got.

  11. Seems odd that someone would just steal a bracelet.

  12. Oh no it's super illegal to steal from dumpsters in the US... it's like a form of trespassing and theft.

  13. I bet it's to do with recycling. Imagine if you went and picked clean the soda cans and recycled them all. The trash people (who normally do it and get money) would lose money. And who owns the trash people? Tony Soprano.

  14. Wen the Media says it's going down, it's really going up.

  15. Flight Attendants aren't allowed to strike supposedly, but picketing for more money is always a good thing.

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