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Quick Tip - Better Fade In/Out

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  1. Don’t use media encoder to make a AE comp direct to h.264. It’s a unreliable and bas workflow. Always pick something like ProRes or DNx instead. It’s faster, easier, higher quality, less prone to errors….

  2. Yup, that's just some random screenshot from Adobe docs 🤔

  3. One of these old-school tips that is the first thing I usually do on new machines with AE.

  4. Could doing this have any long term effects to how AE works? I think I saw this hack years ago but it was usually a use at your own risk type of thing. Thanks for the tip

  5. Not at all. There could be some licensing restrictions on Adobe side (who knows) but nothing that should affect you.

  6. Hey everyone, another tip for AE - I use this one quite often (together with center mark - shortcut ' ).

  7. Thanks everyone for the upvotes 👍 more tips here:

  8. The real sexiness is when you combine that with a fractal noise luma matte and slide the brightness.

  9. I think they would be very useful if there was voiceover. Is there any reason you do not do a voiceover explanation during your video?

  10. Can do - these are mainly intended for insta (thus the square aspect ratio) where you usually don't have sound on

  11. I’m running quite a bit of AE work on Macbook Pro 16" via Bootcamp.

  12. if you mean that depth dot cloud, it could be done by capturing depth data and then transferring it to AE as particles (probably using Particular). It should be possible to capture depth data as long as you have dual lens camera. I might do a tutorial for this on our channel (

  13. We are using Render Garden for this

  14. h264, 3-5mbps, which will likely be compressed further by Instagram

  15. Bandwidth and connection speed - if you were Netflix you’d stream in the lowest possible 4k you can get away with. Unlikely they would want to do 60fps that requires double or triple the data to be transferred.

  16. That’s interesting, I wonder how is shield actually upscaling it in realtime as proper, calculated AI upscale needs quite powerful hardware.

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