1. "3rd party" PH had more people on grid than FRT.

  2. It's even worse. Sometimes game auto select gate you came from. You still have next gate painted yellow , but not selected.

  3. I know for certain that I've lost at least one ship to this bug.

  4. Yeah sucks that we're losing over there but meh, structures are ammo too.

  5. Structures are ammo, but you should definitely empty them before setting them on fire.

  6. Indeed you do, sorry about that, I'll include the BLOB logo in future propaganda.

  7. So i was in Dreddit for about 8 months in 2017, it was during my second stint in Eve and i specifically wanted to join a Nullsec corp as i'd only ever experienced wormhole space before then, i enjoyed it but it didn't manage to keep me hooked and after 6-7 months i started to get bored with it, as it turns out Nullsec isn't my thing and i've gone back to wormhole space.

  8. Mostly low morale after the war, having to evac, that sort of thing.

  9. Making a game is already hard enough (including keeping yourself focused and not getting distracted by other projects or interests). Finish your project. Then, consider Unreal for your next one.

  10. Art style reminds me of Darkest Dungeon, very cool, very creepy. Well done!

  11. Nu stiu daca lipseste un /s, dar nu de Putin vorbea:

  12. Using a state machine is a common solution for handling UI navigation, especially for relatively simple menu structures (each menu should ideally be self-contained).


  14. Articolul 163 obliga angajatorul sa mentina confidentialitatea salariilor. Nu spune nimic despre obligatia angajatilor de a-si mentine propriile salarii confidentiale.

  15. Obligativitatea angajatorului include si faptul ca trebuie sa ia actiuni, de informare si preventie.

  16. Masurile de preventie sunt pentru a preveni divulgarea informatiilor despre salarii de catre angajator.

  17. If you use it to glue dirt / rocks / sand to bases, probably five-ish. If you just use it to glue the mini parts together, that's probably enough for 20+, depends on how many pieces each mini has.

  18. Assuming they find out, what benefit would they have to claim ownership of your writing?

  19. They would probably not care, unless your book is wildly succesful and they want the IP (unlikely). However, if your relationship with your employer deteriorates and they want to pressure or punish you, they might use that as a potential lawsuit for the IP (again, unlikely).

  20. Official declaration by the Romanian Defense Ministry available

  21. I can confirm it's all over the news here in Romania (multiple TV stations, multiple news sites and confirmed by the official spokesperson from the Defense Ministry).

  22. They do not speak the same language. Very different…

  23. The official language of Moldova is Romanian.

  24. Officially, yes, but a lot of Moldovans speak Russian. Source: have a friend from there, and have friends who visited there.

  25. Yes, a lot of Moldovans speak Russian, it is a common second language for people to learn in school and there is a sizeable Russian minority in the country. I think all of the Moldovans I know are also fluent in Russian, but it is not their primary language.

  26. Asa am crezut si eu si m-am uitat iar, acum si eu cred ca pare sa duca sageata SPRE Transnistria, nu dinspre.

  27. Sunt perfect de acord cu tine, comunitatile sunt cele care aduc de multe ori schimbarea, inaintea guvernului. Nu poti astepta mereu sa vina boss-ul de la capitala ca sa rezolve fiecare problema pe care o ai.

  28. Poate se bazează ca pe populație încă sau ca nu vin refugiați. In MM și SM cum au venit asa au și plecat. Chiar nu știu de ce nu au fost instalate taberele. L-am întrebat pe sefu și o zis ca să îmi vad de treaba și ca oricum doar la ordin se instalează.

  29. N-am o problema neaparat cu asta. Sa instaleze doar la ordin. Da' sa si dea ordinul cine trebuie, nu doar sa priveasca cu ingrijorare.

  30. Cel in alb il injunghie pe cel in rosu, nu doar se iau in brate frateste. N-ar strica un tag de NSFW, zic si eu.

  31. In telefon o scriu, dar când zic "hai sa mi trec asta pe lista" pun mana pe telefon și intru pe Reddit în loc sa fac lista, pt că creier mic...

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