1. Probably about as worried as Right Wingers should be of Left Wingers.

  2. I have a 22 year old brother who asked the same thing. Time, was pretty much my answer. That and picking one or two hobbies. Hard to have tons of expensive gear, a race car, an up to date gaming computer, party, travel, snowboard, get a drone, go to concerts, pay rent, put fuel in your car, maybe take a girl on a date, etc etc. Especially when you're young and just getting started in life. Chasing that Instagram influencer life style is hard on a young man it seems.

  3. Society needs to make being a thief dangerous again.

  4. Welcome to my life as a libertarian. Too liberal for my republican family, too conservative for my wife's liberal family.

  5. There’s a version of this graphic on shirts/bumper stickers that says “Don’t California My Arizona” and you can decide which way that leans politically.

  6. I have one. Got it through Printed Kicks. It's interesting to read how one views my political beliefs through the shirt because I'm an Independent

  7. Looks a lot like what I want to put together

  8. My buddy has a setup like this. He likes it, it gives me headaches

  9. Research old man emu. Theres a reason land cruiser and gx groups rave about it. They have a reservoir and No reservoir style. Mine have been solid for 2yrs

  10. Looks like the 612 springs and nitrogen socks are in my future.

  11. So what is the issue with these people? Is it just housing? Seems like businesses need workers - is the gap from the tent to being employable too far?

  12. In the past it's mostly drug addiction and/or mental health problems.

  13. As a former Arizonan, I can say the entire state is a speed trap/police enforcement area. Holy shit when I visit the Valley I am blown away at how many police cars I see compared to here in San Diego. The difference is really evident, from highway patrol to sheriffs to city cops.

  14. Seems it high lights how much money is in politics vs. one side in fighting.

  15. I've heard of American Rifle Company doing Black Friday sales on the Archimedes and Nucleus if you're into those actions.

  16. I have an Archimdes and Id reccomed it or the nuke if they're on sale, has been 100% reliable for me so far. Not sure I'd pay full price for the Arch though, would probably spend the extra $2-300 and get a Terminus Zeus

  17. Do you have any experience with the Big Horn Origin? I think I'm on the fence between the nucleus and the origin right now.

  18. I think most people are sick of Trump. I think if Lake could have shut the fuck up about Trump and abortion she might have won.

  19. We camped near Tubac last week. It was crazy windy. Also, the temperature swings were terrible. I think one day went from 28* at 5:30am to 74* at 4pm.

  20. Overall the Bighorn Origin fits most of your criteria pretty well. Rem 700 footprint, Savage threads, replaceable bolt heads. I know you'd like to just have 1 scope and call it good, but I feel like if you go the route of doing everything off of one action you may end up regretting it. My magnum target rifle weighs in at 17lbs with a 3lb first focal plane optic that it horrible for chasing elk in tight timber. My elk rifle weighs in a 9lbs fully loaded with optic, but it's not a very good 1000 yard target rifle.

  21. What do you think about American Rifle Company Nucleus actions?

  22. How far are you planning on going to get back home?

  23. I killed a deer today with a 140gr ELD-M in a pissin hot 6.5 Creedmoor. Every single deer I've ever shot with these projectiles has died instantly and hit the dirt. Double lung or heart and lungs, the organ damage is substantial every time. I'm surprised to hear your experience, because I've never experienced anything like it with the ELDs.

  24. 140gr, 2740fps muzzle. Shot at about 260yards. Hit him high, went through and through like a fmj.

  25. Did you find him? I’ve had people look at bullet sized exits and say pencil! And not cut open the chest cavity to see that the whole front of that bullet fragmented and caused hell inside

  26. We did. It deflated one lung (finger sized hole) and must have hit an artery because his entire body cavity was full of blood. Zero blood trail though. Blessing in disguise was the bullet went through an intestine, but barely did any damage, so there wasn't any spoiled meat.

  27. It seems it has to hit bone to do anything. Mine went through like a pencil. If I didn't hit an artery I think he would have run off. There was about an index finger sized hole through one lung, part of an intestine and that was about it; through and through. No blood trail, but his body cavity was completely full of blood.

  28. The key word there is "opportunity". It seems every time the dems state this, they turn into equality in outcome and that's not what it is.

  29. It's because they get loud voices calling for equality of outcome and it spoils everything.

  30. Looks like how they break up prison fights.

  31. Yeah, here’s an upvote to make you feel better tho. People need to decouple their politics from their identity. This isn’t team sports.

  32. So you continue putting words in my mouth, go on an unhinged rant telling me I'm wrong, then tell me I need to decouple politics from my identity? Thanks for the sympathy uovote I guess.

  33. Where was I unhinged? You could just admit being wrong and move on. Being wrong is ok. It's how we learn and grow as people.

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