1. Yeah I don't think I'll miss the cold when I move cause I actually plan on moving to Australia

  2. Simple, they're probably gonna ask you about what your doing at the gym, so answer their questions and make follow up questions about them, use the environment around you to talk

  3. Eh, not enough to get into hell, everyone's bullied a furry at some point in their life

  4. It's simple really, no matter what, I tell myself things are going to get better, I remember the positive moments in my life and smile as they overpower the dark feelings. I remind myself that no matter what there will be ups and downs, but if I give up at rock bottom, I can't climb up back to the top of the mountain

  5. Not a party person cause I work and don't get invited (not really a part town) The social aspect, the fun, and let's be honest teens are horny and think they can hook up

  6. God, my English class has me fucked up, first thing I thought about was how you need to work on your syntax

  7. had a crush on a boy for soooo long and i finally told him and he just said like. that he's not looking for a relationship rn 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. If I could I would definitely create my own universe rule it as a god and experiment on different societies culters governments and Geography with little thought to the inhabitants well being and freedom I create (exactly the same as humans) for this world. Basically if power I would fuck with people

  9. .....yes but world wide and with death palgae and war

  10. Then find the ones that aren't racist, homophobic, or any of the negative things

  11. The US doesn't have the same temperature everywhere, here every city has it's own temperature

  12. Okay, I know that, I am just saying that it is going to get cold and to stay safe and warm, I'm not saying everyone is going to be cold, I didn't think I needed to be specific in where in the US I wanted people to be warm and safe

  13. No idea, makes me ashamed to be a dude but I'm just glad that I know that I'll never do that, or send one if they ask for one

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