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  1. Some of my favourite burgers: Lombardo’s (Best one IMO) Good Measure (by Beef Chief) Biertuin has a great cheeseburger.

  2. Lombardo's is so good. Tried a few of their burgers, all are good

  3. Update: I sent my X100V to Fujifilm repair in Edison, NJ a few weeks ago, to deal with the same problem as what OP posted. Finally got a quote today: $400. They said they would need to replace the entire top assembly. Repair should take another 6 - 12 days.

  4. Are you going through with the repair? Quite a big quote tbh

  5. Yeah, I’m going through with it. I use the front dial a ton. Used x100v’s cost way too much. So … while $400 sucks, it’s the cheapest route to making me whole again, so to speak.

  6. well it will soon feel brand new :) have tons of fun with it :)

  7. Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ve been scouring the net hoping to find something, but to no avail.

  8. I called their offices in the Netherlands and they said 150-250 euros to replace it. They will most likely replace the whole top part.

  9. Yes I have silent on. Will turn off and try.

  10. If that doesn't fix it you can try flicker reduction in the photo shooting menu.

  11. Flicker reduction is on already. In fact some other setting is greying that out.

  12. Maybe electronic front shutter is still on? Unfortunately, there is still a chance that this might still happen even with mechanical shutter(which is your best bet)

  13. The Z7ii will be a somewhat risky move for you. It is very capable for most of the things, but not sure if it will feel like an upgrade for low light autofocus performance. Either rent one to see if it fits your style, or go for the Z9. That is expensive, but is as good as it gets from Nikon and fits your description of what you want a camera to be good for.

  14. I read about the battery life issue. If I decide to buy the z7ii, I'll buy 3 reserve batteries

  15. What is the issue? I shoot a Z7ii and sure, the battery is not as good as a DSLR, but i usually end a 2-3 hour shoot having used 1-2 battery bars. It is always good to have spares, but the battery life is not horrible. For portraits is an amazing camera.

  16. I'm planning a 4-month trip across Colombia and maybe a 2-months trip in the Caribbean (curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, maybe sint maarten sept 2023 - feb 2024) I don't want to think I will have no battery after shooting for a couple of hours.

  17. I don't think its that bad, but it in this case i think the z7ii is the better choice weight wise. You can take 3 batteries, which im guessing you would take anyway for such a long trip, and a good usb c battery pack which you can use for the camera and other electronics. Whichever you choose, enjoy your trips :)

  18. What is the image quality like? Tried it in a store, but I am not sure about the image quality and if it will be ok on a 45mp sensor. TIA

  19. It is sharp, still has the expected ChrA with the non-s line lenses, check my profile I think I posted one pic with that lens on a z7ii and imo it came out great

  20. I saw. Will not actively look for it, but if i find a good deal second hand might pull the trigger. I am between this and the converter for the x100V, but i feel like that makes the camera too big. Thanks :D

  21. random fun fact: Glaciers and ice sheets hold about 69 percent of the world's freshwater.

  22. Beeps so loud and crisp, they made my BIOS jealous.

  23. Using a macro doesn't really matter in this case. They are all roughly in the same focal plain so they will all be in focus. You can shoot a bit more stopped down that usual just to be on the safe side. Another option is to shoot all of them individually and merge them in a similar version of this in photoshop.

  24. I don’t think a universal adapter is possible to make. There are so many different mounts and a lot of lens to film/sensor distances that make that an impossible feat. You can find M mount to Z mount adapters though. I know there was an M mount to Sony E mount that even added autofocus to manual focus lenses but i have no idea if that is any good or if they make it for Nikon Z mount.

  25. He took peacocking way too literally

  26. I would say keep looking for a used D7XXX series camera. It is the best dx alternative. If your other lenses are also for FF like the 50mm you can also look into a used D750, or even a D610.

  27. I have had very limited time with the D7100 and none with the D7000. From what i can find online the D7100 has a better autofocus system and more mp. Both will be a big upgrade from the D90 though.

  28. Ah yes, the not so great white shark.

  29. 20K is still pretty new. Compared to the 7K does look like a lot, but remember that these cameras are rated for 200K and usually the go for more than that. Whichever you end up choosing will still be amazing :)

  30. Do you need a 24-120mm? Can you spend $1200? I would definitely go for the D810 and buy the 24-120 for 350-450 used if you need it. What’s the shutter count on the D810?

  31. Your metering mode also affects this. It looks like your camera is exposing for under the table, which is darker compared to the rest of the frame. Anyway there is nothing wrong with your camera :)

  32. Thanks! Still new to this camera and pro camera world. Point and shoot camera of phones do so much on their own nowadays that you don't realise a lot of things

  33. If you want to use auto mode, shutter priority or aperture priority it will be very helpful to know what the different metering modes are and do. A quick google/youtube search and everything will be much easier in those modes. Enjoy the camera :D

  34. It depends on what you do with your photos. Do you print them big? Do you crop them in post processing? If both answers are no i think it is a bit easier to decide. Can always keep it as a backup camera or sell it and get more lenses for the sony or just save the money. If you still enjoy shooting with the d600 keep using both. Hope this helps

  35. Printing isn’t a huge priority, and I don’t really have much of a focus in terms of the photos I take, I’m still a very amateur hobbyist and just picking up new skills/small gigs here and there under the general umbrella of photography and videography.

  36. In that case the A7Siii should be more than enough. Better sell the D600 while you can still get something for it, and get a new photo centric camera when you need it.

  37. I havent tried the Z mount but I used the F mount for a few years. I wanted it to replace my 85 so i would need to only bring one lens for portraits with me. First of all it’s a good macro lens but not a very good lens to shoot further away than half body shots. I never liked any of the full body shots i took at weddings with it. Never particularly sharp, average focus speed, nothing that made me use it say over a 24-120mm. I honestly preferred the quality coming from the 24-120mm for everything further than half body shots. For tight headshots, beauty photography it was very good. So I have mixed feelings about it. As for the Z, judging by reviews, it is supposedly better than the F mount in everything i said the F mount is good for. Not sure how it does in further distances and I am not sure what your use case is. If you just want to do macros and have another portrait lens, maybe try extension tubes. Cheaper and more versatile.

  38. I have done the same, but if i just want to quickly take 1 or 2 photos from the camera, i need to grab a tool and remove the tripod plate so i can open the battery door and as you can see it kind of looses the quickly part.

  39. It’s so crazy bad. I feel like at one point (several years ago), it worked pretty reliably for me. Now it’s just useless. Live view shooting never works for me anymore; remote release somewhat reliable.

  40. I can’t download anything to my phone. Almost never works.

  41. Won it on an eBay auction for like $1,200. Complete with box & accessories and in excellent condition!

  42. Is your SO checking reddit so you have to say $1,200? Blink twice if that's the case. Amazing price for that lens. Enjoy it

  43. Great shot. Looks amazing

  44. I used to do that a lot when i used to shoot weddings. Important to check what’s happening around and not being in the way. Not all the time though as my eyes would get quite tired after some time. For portraits I don’t think that it’s that important.

  45. I haven’t used the Tamron 45mm 1.8 so i can’t talk about that one. The 50mm 1.8G its a great lens for its price. If you don't mind spending more on a used lens i would say go for the Sigma art 50mm F1.4. It is very sharp and has good contrast. It is quite a bit heavier than the 50mm 1.8g from Nikon, so that might also be an issue for you. If you have a high mp camera or are planning on getting one i would suggest the Sigma. If you are not a pixel peeper the 50mm 1.8G is your best choice. I wouldn’t go the 50mm 1.4g route.

  46. I heard that before. I may have been lucky with my copy. I photographed a poster with 2000 Chinese characters at F1.2 with it, and it is tack sharp.

  47. Take good care of it :) It's quite a big chunk of glass :D

  48. Sounds like you had a bad copy. The EF 85mm f/1.2 I had was plenty sharp wide open, and my only real issue with it optically were chromatic aberrations. Still a brilliant lens though.

  49. Maybe, I was just disappointed considering its price.

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