1. A vocal minority of their neighbors will continue posting on reddit how much America has no culture and nobody in MyCountry likes them anyway.

  2. This. The average European isn’t actively posting on a predominantly American message board. Think about the kind of person that would do that and wonder to yourself if you would value their opinion.

  3. It says I’ve listened to my top song 38 times and it’s a lot more than that. Another song I know I’ve listened to a lot is way down on the list.

  4. Do you think you might not have let the song play all the way through?

  5. I hate to say it. I’m elated I picked the AirPods Max up from Microcenter for $444

  6. The six pack deal is just any 6 bottles, including wine. Doesn't have to be the same bottle

  7. I was literally there a year ago and it was this

  8. Except in states with for-profit prisons that use prison (slave) labor.

  9. Boring, stale and half-honest talking point.

  10. Yep. Also comes with a similar price tag though. Incredible for a date night, very well crafted, culturally-inspired cocktails.

  11. It's not just CO2 that's the issue with shipping, it is a major cause of NOx and sulphur pollution due to the heavy, dirty fuel ships use.

  12. Literally the point of China's Covid Zero policy and the quarantine camps pictured here you're all malding about but OK dumbass. So they're both experiencing mass death and doing brutal quarantine at the same time? LMFAOOOO

  13. Just because you end your stupid comments with “LMFAOOOO” doesn’t mean they’re making a good point.

  14. This team is as injured as I’ve seen it.

  15. I'm a Bills fan for now. Josh Allen seems like a nice guy, and the Bills are due. Broncos don't deserve my time or money to see.

  16. What are the truckers requests? The paywall stops me and bots got nothing on that topic so far.

  17. Here’s a good rundown from Reuter’s:

  18. How do you know that your company has too many managers…. I do all of that with excel. I drop data into power BI if I need to share it with executives.

  19. I hope you work for a small company. If you’re doing WMS or CRM stuff in excel as even a medium size company…

  20. This may come as a shock but there was a time before WMS and CRM’s and business flowed just fine.

  21. They also flowed much slower and in a way less demanding environment. We’ve also advanced the ability to do bulk optimization across operating platforms as well.

  22. I tend to get most of my holiday shopping done on Black Friday actually.

  23. You can tell this guy's wife knows his reddit account. He says everyone's gift, but hers. Good going guy! Virtually high five! 😂

  24. 😂😂 how VERY perceptive of you. Spot on!

  25. I haven’t been, but there’s the Northcott in Naperville.

  26. I frequent this place. It’s amazing. I go to a lot of cocktail bars and this one is at the top for me. Strong cocktails and a nice environment.

  27. Literally wiped off the map. Why do we do this.

  28. Pleasantly surprised by how tame this thread is. Good on you, Reddit.

  29. Gravy and substitute it for water when making the rice for our wild rice and mushroom stuffing

  30. Hey we’re facing off against Spencer Martin tonight. Always good to see someone drafted by the Avs still in the league.

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