1. For some it can cause high energy and anxiety on top of what others have said. Also, some folks get extremely hungry and some feel less hungry with it.

  2. I suggest exercise, if you can lift weights that would be best since you said you were underweight. It will release some dopamine and make you mentally and physically feel better.

  3. I think this is very normal to experience some sort of burn out. I know when it happens to me I don't stress about it and I just give myself several days off from the gym and ease up on my diet slightly, more sleep and do other things I enjoy. Usually I don't even make it a week and I want to get back to the grind and usually I'm rested and ready to kill it.

  4. If you don’t have much muscle and you’re short; you might be on lower calorie. If you have dieted a lot even if you have built up your metabolism, (and you’re short) you may be on lower cals. Pros would be on lower cals if it weren’t for the fact they are using PEDs. My basal metabolic rate according to the InBody would be 850ish if it wasn’t for the muscle I have now (I went ahead and did the scans for years and the earlier ones are like 850).

  5. IDK why your getting downvoted for this, its completely true under certain circumstances. Not everyone can get shredded on 1500+ calories and minimal cardio.

  6. I am glad girls are being more open about what they are taking. Like she said there is much more information out there for males than there are females. The things she listed isn't uncommon at all and most beginners to PEDs will start with anavar. However, that doesn't mean anavar is actually the safest. You could see she was hesitant even about saying the word "injection". Oral anabolics of course have more harmful effects on the liver because of the way they are processed in the body. She even said she took an oral version of primo. Now that's double the liver toxicity. Just because its in the form of injection doesnt mean its more harmful. In fact its safer.

  7. First if you haven't yet, try taking it at night or even 1-2 hr before you want to go to bed. Just see how it compares. Maybe try it on a weekend or when you don't have to work or get up. I would give it a little more time to see if your body adjusts.

  8. You have good choices but aim for leaner cuts/variations. I eat egg whites, chicken tenders or breast, 95% lean ground beef, 99% turkey, tuna, cod, shrimp, beef tenderloin, flank steak, 0% fat greek yogurt, casein and whey isolate protein powder, Seasoning will be your best friend here.

  9. I've come to notice in my past three years studying keto people quite often confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis (the bad one). Yet they won't bat an eye if you tell them you've stopped eating processed sugar and have incorporated more protein and healthy fats into your diet, I noticed.

  10. I just tell people I'm eating low carb, they never bat an eye. lol

  11. Chronic insomniac here, and I also get up very early to train/cardio before work.

  12. Yes slightly it helped me cope because for the longest time (years) I thought I was the problem and the crazy one like he made me feel. It was not until late in the relationship that I even discovered what a narcissist was. I had a huge revelation and understood more

  13. I'm going to be completely transparent here incase it can help others.

  14. You could be slightly manic with the upped dose. This has happened to me. I would give it a few more weeks to see if it evens out.

  15. How long have you been in Keto? I can get like this in my early transition stages, and also if I have too much caffeine before training and I am fasted. I train 1st thing in the morning so I must have a scoop if isolate and some MCT with salt or I get your symptoms

  16. I like to switch it up within the session. So 10 min on bike, 10 on step mill, 10 min elliptical ect. just keep rotating until your time is up. I helps prevent boredom. I like to add in rolling/stretching with foam roller and lacrosse ball once I am done with cardio because everything is warm and pliable.

  17. I train at 4:30 AM, upon waking I take a scoop of whey isolate, TBSP of MCT with a little hot water and salt made into paste that is quickly ate and digested. feels like I didn't eat a thing, but I definitely notice a difference in energy, strength and recovery. I eat this then drink my pre work out and I am set.

  18. I would say your 2 large meals late plus the training would definitely raise your glucose in the morning. I have seen this.

  19. Without a doubt bikini. Leaning down in fat % will slim your legs and from what I can tell, it’s not huge amounts of muscle that you need for wellness .Good base though!

  20. I last competed in 2021, so I don't. My physique has changed quite a bit since then. I may be better off to diet down and see what its looking like. thank you!

  21. Keto has quite literally saved my life in so many ways, physically and mentally. It's been a blessing

  22. For low calorie I like 0 sugar vanilla almond or coconut milk, nut butter and peanut butter or chocolate isolate.

  23. I like to air fry my ground beef just so its lightly browned and pan fry a few eggs.

  24. The store blocked you, contact Aliexpress direct and start a claim. include this snap shot and what happened exactly

  25. I heard someone suggest sugar free strawberry Jell-O in place of jams

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