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  1. You can also check with your local schools. Where I live they have what’s called a Resource Center at the schools. They always have list of kids that need help with Christmas. They would give me a paper for each kid that list what sex they are, clothes sizes, what they want, etc. Schools know the kids that really need help. You can also sponsor a kid all year through a program they have here.

  2. Our public school asks for help every Christmas for kids gifts so this is definitely way to do it

  3. I love what she’s doing but she’s not for me. Glad she’s doing so well, though!

  4. If you were interested in NA I could connect you with a group of guys in that range

  5. Most of these have them for free

  6. AHOPE gives out as well as Narcan

  7. They’re in their flop era. That is why you see them doing ads that are “beneath them”. In 5 yrs we’ll see them doing ads for Kohls 😂

  8. I honestly think this equals Kohls or is worse already 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. Because normal people shop there and they are above us and remind us of this constantly, duh

  10. Seriously not true for such a large swath of the population. I’m so tired of this tired white man know it all bullshit

  11. Topsfield fair. I've been to a bunch of state fairs and maybe because they're often the only big thing in town in other locations I've been to they're a little bit better, but Topsfield was too crowded and trashy for me to go back.

  12. We just went this year for the first time and after growing up going to Ohio State fairs growing up I was so disappointed

  13. Man being that rich looks fun

  14. I didn’t serve in Liberia but I’ve been there for work. It is a really cool and interesting place, and fairly safe. It’s also stunningly beautiful. Your family will get over it.

  15. Agreed. Didn’t serve there but have been a bunch for work. I would love to serve there but the cc debt needs to be addressed first. The interest will kill you. Ugh. Good luck.

  16. At forest hills right now (830 am Wednesday rush hour) and trains are every 15 (!) minutes. Fml

  17. Apparently, students/parents with NBA aspirations saw it as jump start. The teams played in heavily scouted contests. *poof*

  18. Apparently they got kicked out of an important tournament first bc then the school closed

  19. Here's the thing--if she was actually a stalker and making this all up they would just get a restraining order and move on. They are famous there is no way they couldn't if this was fake. They are not doing that? So it can't be all fake. Maybe some of it is? But there is probably some kernel of truth to it.

  20. In Boston (where I am) legit the cheapest tickets were $400

  21. They are just so self important and think they are so smart…and then this. Lmfao

  22. Honestly this is all normal shit if it was a thought to yourself or your partner or even friend I guess. But to the world? As a f list celeb or whatever? She must be so lonely.

  23. This must be the nanny apartment or the kids apartment or something? It’s giving a weird cult vibe.

  24. It looks like she’s coming out of a trash bag

  25. One opened in my neighborhood and whenever anyone says they like it on our community Facebook page like 10 people instantly tear it down and teach everyone about Herbalife. It’s just so good.

  26. It’s funny bc I legit love hate watching the kjs (and this sub) and I haven’t even watched most of season 1 or the first episode of season 2. Season 1 was boring and throwing Khloe to the wolves like that to protect Kim (I know Khloe has her faults but still yikes) is dark af.

  27. Lemme stick with my target generic vitamins lol

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