1. Without reading the article, I am guessing that he called the senator a pedophile.

  2. AKA: Indigenous Genocide Day.

  3. I got ass-blasted a week ago. NC has early ass-blasting. I was pleased to see nobody standing guard with weapons, either. So there's that.

  4. The brown mush is the black pudding 😅 and i don't like toast

  5. Looks gross. Does it taste good?

  6. I'm an App St grad and we've literally underperformed all season except for that game. This happens to us every year.

  7. Cary, NC resident here. My son is an App State graduate.

  8. I may have answered my own question. I think that if I do the following, I will have the info that I need:

  9. Yupp, you're on the right track but you don't want to use

  10. You are, of course, right. I started going down the formContext path and then backtracked. I found that from like a decade-old YouTube video.

  11. I had the same issue with trying to find a shirt. They do get resupplied but the new merch sells out very quickly. What I ended up doing is tried a couple times every day until they finally had the gear and then snagged one. The windows of opportunity are small but they do exist.

  12. Thanks, but you're about the 8th person to post this article here in the last hour.

  13. That part is wild. I'm hopeful that Ryan and Rob are bringing in revenue from this documentary and merch, but to be honest, the merch site hasn't had a Men's Large in months so they've been bottlenecked there. I imagine Ryan and Rob aren't loving the lack of ability to sell their brand

  14. They actually have very small windows where the merch is available but then they sell out quickly. I'm talking about like within a day or two. I was able to snag one like a week ago (Sunday the 2nd of Oct). When I checked the next day, they only had like xxxs left. Everything else was gone. So either they are not getting large shipments, or there is a huge demand. I'm guessing that it is the later. In any event, I'm anxiously awaiting my shirt which apparently just shipped today (on the 6th business day after ordering it).

  15. I made sure to put the NC for that very reason.

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