"I love Coke" - Ryan Cohen on why GME NFT is going to take over the world.

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  1. Chest plus facile de catcher chez vous et ne dit a personne.

  2. Wow! I would love to learn how to make this kind of NFzT! Looks awesome! tjlin.loopring.eth

  3. You know the reverse is the truth. They can either go back to metal bracket money or they do everything to crap the current system intentionally to usher ‘their’ great reset. So yeah they’re not telling you their true intentions and playing victim. They create crisis by manipulating prices of everything

  4. Buy gas cars with silver soon. Only 10 to 2- pieces of silver for that truck. Be your own bank

  5. Just imagine they decided to set the price to the real market value and Comex and London will just get dumped on 😂 what would put the nail in the coffin is crypto backed PM

  6. Pretty racist too! All minorities including poor Irish redhead. No white blond kid!

  7. Looks like hi Asss fell off the cliff 😂

  8. Coke named his stream PEPSzy and sold it to the gov. You can’t make this up! Who put me in this Matrix?! Ryan, I know you’re writing these DDs to keep us jacked! Thanks for sharing the info! Pretty incredible stuff!

  9. Crypto backed by PM sounds like as much of a joke as the contracts for PMs that currently exist...Or the cryptos backed by/pegged to USD.

  10. Not if it’s a local vault where I can go to exchange to buy things I need. Nothing can stop you from going to another individual and do in-person for a private transaction. You can print gold/silver backed currency but you will have counterfeiting issues. A well designed and test proven blockchain system without these greedy WallSt bastards flooding and rug pulling the market will allow proper functioning.

  11. Counterparty risk will always be present. Who is to say that your house does not get robbed or the person you are dealing with doesn't rob you or that a hole doesn't wear in your pocket and you lose your coins?

  12. True but I think it should start at the local level with local vaults. I noticed there’s a crypto ATM at my local pharmacy in this small town. Trust concerns will need to be dispelled and the fiat would have to be absolutely worthlesss for mass adoption. Then again chaos has settled in for anyone to care and trust the new system. The key for things to work is decentralized finances. The Great Reset is Centralized just like in China. Gotta reject all centralized ‘solutions’. Even right now, I ask how many servers/re;Ayer’s these DeFi cryptos, I get zero response bc it’s only 1 entity in development right now.

  13. Then it shouldn’t be taxed either

  14. We all learned that it’s really a rug pull market by Big Money

  15. It’ll fit right in that cleavage just fine 😂

  16. Actually if you prove that there is fraud in 2020, we can still take our country back and kick out traitors and ennemies that bought our lands are a;l repo! Like CCP and Bill Gates buying our farmland on the ennemies behalf

  17. That’s because it’s all rigged. Unrig the shit and have term limits. Patriots can fix anything once we kick the Feds/Cental bank cabal out and go to sound money. No more taxes to pay interest on money they print out of thin air

  18. More like Retards Leadership with speech impediments when they don’t have a diagnosis for it

  19. I like to call it free trade. No tax no giv meddling in personal business unless the gov ids providing a real service like building and maintaining pothole free roads. No service no tax

  20. It’s supposed to be sheet metal bulletproof. If I want a model Y in metallic silver, I would’ve bought one and repainted it. Not rigged, neither a truck

  21. Remember when the debt clock was at 5000 to 1 paper to silver before it was changed?

  22. What part changed? The dollar to silver price was 4X higher too

  23. Kamala is on record saying she wouldn’t get it under Trump

  24. Once she took the vaxx she turned into word salad just like Joe and his gibberish talking

  25. So glad my screen doesn’t transmit scents over the internet

  26. Something happened to her 3rd eye when cocksucking some politician

  27. It’s always the opposite of whatever these people try to project on others is what they have done

  28. He’s quite the buyer alright! Is this a simulation? Get me out of here!

  29. Coins will go first, rounds next then all bars

  30. Just imagine we only got months to wait while some folks been holding decades for this day of reckoning of real money. BRICS+Saudi will announce asset backed world reserve currencies. All fiat will be worth shit💩

  31. it's probably more accurate to think of it as commodities-backed money. it won't be just metal; BRICS have huge stores of nat. gas, oil, minerals too. you can see already they're going to choke out anyone, resources-wise, who won't pay in their new currency a la Russia > Germany

  32. And to counter the Swift system, they may use or create decentralized blockchain currency backed by these assets? That will stab all the central banks! We know these CB are trying to crash everything and come back and offer a centralized digital currency to reset their rigged system . Only red flag is China and their health passport and now Sri Lanka with theirs to buy gas. They’re all playing both sides of this evil system.

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