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  1. Leave the cold faucets slightly open and turn on a space heater if you got one.

  2. I lived at McMahon last year and this happened quite often. People smoking in their rooms were the cause of the alarms going off most of the time.

  3. Same here. My first gf, we were young and dumb and spent 50% of our time together kissing. Was so much fun.

  4. Fin, Bar Taco, Maruichi, Jerkyz, Caribbean Bakery.

  5. Faulty electrical is a very common ignition source. Also lightning, but that’s less likely.

  6. Wiring before the 1960s commonly used cloth as the insulation material. I'm not saying that cloth insulation was the cause of the fire (my house from 1907 has original cloth insulated wiring and is in good shape) but it certainly can be easier to short circuit once the cloth deteriorates due to age.

  7. Interesting ideas but I’ve looked up the CT laws and there’s nothing prohibiting me in UCONN regulations or CT legislation that states that a parked car without a license plate is illegal. On top of that, it is perfectly legal to cover a license plate of a car that is parked and off.

  8. I've heard that parking services does not have access to DMV databases --the tickets are not linked to the vehicle in a state database and therefore cannot be linked to the driver. However, if you have a parking permit at UConn now or have had one in the past, your vehicle's VIN is already in parking service's database and they will use this to record the parking infraction onto your account. If you get ticketed by UConn PD, those tickets will be recorded onto state databases.

  9. It’s Essam Boraey’s first semester teaching, only time will tell. As of the second day of class, the workload is not bad, it has only consisted of readings in the textbook. However, I expect the amount of work to increase significantly later in the semester.

  10. My bad, that could have been worded better. I made some edits to the post.

  11. Yeah, it's ridiculous, I have very little patience for this behavior but feel bad when I ghost people. I work in IT so I tend to be a "people pleaser" as it is my job to help people and other departments with tech problems. Luckily, I am starting to separate my job and social behavior but clearly I have much to learn. Thank you for the words, I appreciate it.

  12. If I was in your position, I would rather cook. It is less expensive, healthier, and you can learn to make any meal you desire. Additionally, at least for me, cooking is also very relaxing.

  13. I have various oil leaks including the valve cover gasket and the VTEC solenoid. I have no idea what is happening to the coolant though, and there don't appear to be other symptoms of a bad head gasket...

  14. Is there any oil leaking into the spark plug hole of cylinder 2?

  15. I am not aware of any. If there was oil it would likely be from a bad ring, no?

  16. Bad valve cover gaskets can sometimes cause oil to fill up the spark plug wells and cause a no spark condition.

  17. I mean, it is pretty late to register for courses. Try registering at the beginning of next semester where people tend to drop/swap courses.

  18. Sounds like the shuttle hasn’t changed since I was a commuter at Stamford in 2019. I walked from the train to the building everyday. As I remember, the shuttle was only a couple minutes faster than walking.

  19. Nice thanks! Is there anyone you reccomend? I'm in Busby if that matters and I'm literally right next to the Ethernet port

  20. You’ll need to get an adapter if your computer doesn’t have an ethernet port but feel free to use any of the wall ports around campus. Ethernet is essentially the same thing as WiFi, just wired.

  21. My computer has an Ethernet port, but it's just idk which one to get, there are so many options

  22. Pickup a cat 5e cable, I think the bookstore tech shop sells them. Could also try asking ITS, I know they have plenty of spare cat 5 - 7 cables.

  23. I fix all brands except Samsung here on campus. Feel free to dm me.

  24. Watch the Programming w/ Mosh Full Python Course on YouTube.

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