1. If you are a straight white rich man go backwards fornsure

  2. Guess you've never read Alan Sugars book, it explains why things are edited like they are.... well, why they were edited like it.

  3. Hahaha this is great. Spot on. Almost reminds me of those ‘I trained a bot to…’ posts 🤣

  4. I understand the low confidence that comes with bad skin but honestly I’d kill for your skin! (Sorry that sounded kind of serial killer ish lol) I’m using retinol for the marks but I think for the deep set marks I think micro needling is the way to go I’ve heard. Also look up vampire facial. Expensive but meant to be good.

  5. Deffo change to the CeraVe facial moisturiser - I did and it changed my life

  6. Completely agree. There are some negative lurkers in this sub I’ve found, which is really disappointing since Disney is so wholesome.

  7. If he wants to play the miser game with you, then you should not buy anything communally. You have your own toilet paper, your own dish detergent, your own paper towels your own shelf in the fridge etc.

  8. I know you’re right, but honestly I know he’ll absolutely kick off and be even more unbearable to live with. I just want peace tbh. As much as I’m trying to stand up for myself my anxiety is still through the roof when I do. I’m a very ‘if I buy you this, buy me that and we’ll call it even’ type of person. If they don’t want to be then fine we can divide everything to the cent - but that’s where the double standards come it. He was me to be chill and him to get his pound of flesh. I don’t feel like I can do anything about it. Because then he’ll just make me feel even more uncomfortable in my own home.

  9. I understand your discomfort drawing a hard boundary line on things, but you are being taken advantage of. It will not stop on its own, and clearly, this arrangement is causing you stress. It can not continue.

  10. Thanks mate. The only issue is I have brought it up before. And it just results in a very nasty and personal argument from their side and nothing actually changing. So no matter how well I bring it up, fairness will not be had.

  11. Of course they can. But they have reason to be

  12. Never seen a black person be racist to anyone not white

  13. Personally, neither have I, but doesn’t mean they can’t be.

  14. Well you’re definitely not really bad, I’m sorry she said that. We all have room to improve I’m sure, but I wouldn’t say you’re bad at all!

  15. Don’t feel bad. I had a hair appointment in December and I blew up their bathroom 5 times ☠️☠️☠️fuck IBS

  16. It’s so wild how that works honestly like BRO WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME

  17. It sounds like it could be. My ibs is almost flared entirely by my anxiety. Have you heard of the brain-gut connection? We all have it but it’s especially sensitive in ibs patients. Also the gut is where things like seratonin is made so it makes sense that low mood or stress can affect our gut and visa versa. Sorry if im preaching to the choir on this! But I can most definitely relate.

  18. The weeks are not short. The weeks have been long since around mid December when I finished the last update 😂

  19. Right, it feels like January lasted forever! I can't believe it's finally February.

  20. January always feels quite long I think. Back to school/work and it’s so cold! We need this to get us out of the slump lol

  21. Ngl I would love more of these wholesome 'positive rants'. It'd be a nice change from the regular weekly bitching sesh

  22. Me too! I’m trying to be more positive online to try and spread that. I think sometimes I’ve given myself a challenge by doing that on Reddit 😅

  23. Ekin-Su is not in the trenches anymore. If you want to spread positivity then uplifting people who are actual underdogs makes more sense than someone who has an established fan base.

  24. So… if they’re down we lift them but if they’re up let’s bring them down? Sounds like a kinda fucked up morality to me

  25. Wait… so many people I thought would be here are not here

  26. Idk if the older one groomed the younger one and the younger one cheated. Or in an abusive relationship situation. I’d be pretty ok with that.

  27. Therapy isn’t meant to be comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable talking about it and visiting those memories, it’ll actually probably help you more than someone who’s very open about it.

  28. Yeah I thought she had a great ass in the before and an equally great and identical ass in the after...

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