1. I can’t believe this woman! How rude. She invites your son on a trip and get you offered to pay for all these things. She accepts, fine, but then has the audacity to tell you the “it’s not cheap” line? Gross.

  2. In my opinion, in this situation, thank you notes are not strictly required as they are for weddings, showers, etc. If the family can get to it the way that another commenter outlined, sending a note from the family, that’s great - but I think everyone gets that a significant trauma is different from a joyful celebration, and that the sufferer and their loved ones wouldn’t really have the time or ability for something like that.

  3. Agree with this. I have never ever received a thank you note for a sympathy card/money/gift and would not expect it. Wouldn’t even think to send out notes if one of my family members passed. So OP it’s okay if you don’t. I think the only exception would be if there was a very significant, large amount gifted.

  4. This post is unbelievable. I feel sorry for your child. I feel scared for your child. this is absolutely egregious on your part. You should have gotten rid of the dog the first time it snapped at your child.

  5. Patient checked in on thanksgiving to get a scab checked out. It was two weeks old, it was the size of a half of a pea, And it wasn’t bothering them. But they came in to have it checked out to make sure that it wouldn’t bleed on Thanksgiving because they didn’t want to be interrupted on Thanksgiving

  6. Many prefer 12 hour shifts because it makes for less days worked overall.

  7. I got this label and owned it. I threw it back so often the person using the label was humiliated.

  8. Little kids running around in a restaurant is very dangerous. Servers walking out of the kitchen with big trays of food held up in the air might not see a toddler and crash into. Then the tray, the plates and all the hot food falls down and also might hit them.

  9. She gives my barely two year old whole almonds, has given her an aspirin bottle to play with, a coin to chew on, and doesn’t pay attention to my toddler in her kitchen with hot food on the stove and handles sticking straight out. So I don’t trust her judgment wt all.

  10. I certainly don’t think so. I think it shows humanity. Don’t let it affect your decision making or clinical judgment…but it’s okay to be human. We aren’t robots. If my family member was sick and their provider cared enough that they shed a few tears then that would be very meaningful to me. Keep caring. Make sure you reach out to friends/family/therapist after a hard case. ER is tough and you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. Cheers.

  11. Jumping up and down (+/- carbonated beverage) for esophageal food impaction is my favorite.

  12. Alright. So I guess this is seen as rude. I seriously had no idea if the person said they wanted to know if it was liked/wanted because they know she is picky about her Lego sets. I thought it was ok to be honest I really did. I friends with this mom and believed here when she told me to be honest about it

  13. Send a car now. You don’t need to send a thank you card when she attends the shower, but if she gives you another gift at the shower, which is likely, you’ll have to send another thank you for that too.

  14. My parents always made me write thank you notes, and I did not turn into the kind of adult who writes thank you notes.

  15. I know!! My mom is so weird too, she keeps saying "she's the guest she can spend all the time she wants with him if that's what she's asking for". I guess she's free to make her own decisions, but I just hope MIL doesn't pick up on this and use it for some other exploitative reasons later on.

  16. Your mom is one of those people who have never dealt with a manipulative MIL so she doesn’t get it .

  17. Your MIL is a nut for inviting herself to YOUR family holiday because she can’t get enough of your baby? She is nuts - why isn’t your husband saying anything to her about this… I see where your mom is coming from but keep in mind “she came all this way, let her hog the baby” is what you would say about a normal person - your MIL is not normal. I would be PISSED. Next time she brings it up I would say “oh, my mom / sis are cooking so I can get in some much needed time with my baby. I’ve been really looking forward to my time with her. “

  18. i think it’s totally fine if you follow up with something tangible. “are you busy saturday? i was thinking of hitting the mall in the afternoon. would you want to join me?”

  19. No. Just stop with the “are you busy” - it’s bad no matter how you slice it.

  20. This is great! Envision is a terrible company. Hopefully American Physician Partners is next to go.

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