1. If you are already delinquent on these bills and they've been sold off to collection agencies, literally don't even worry about it. Tell them to stop calling you and then block their numbers. Your credit score has already taken the hit, so you will have some trouble getting access to credit and loans - but that's about it as far as consequences go. If you are completely broke as you say you are, they can't even garnish your wages. And for this small of an amount, it's not even certain your creditors would pursue that. (If your creditors do sue you and you get a summons to court, you need to show up at the appointed time and explain to the Judge your financial circumstances.)

  2. The answer is that it depends. Down payment is only one factor, some others that influence this decision are the home price, your income and expenses, and the mortgage rate you are able to get. But in any case, you don’t want to spend 100% of your cash reserves on a down payment. You need to keep a healthy emergency fund for any problems that might come up in the first year of ownership, plus closing costs, moving costs, cash for furniture if needed etc.

  3. You don't make enough money in your career to justify your student loans or to ever pay off this debt. You are bringing in under $20/hour, less than you would make bartending or waiting tables. You need to find a new, higher-paying job immediately. And that job might actually be bartending, or maybe it's a white collar office job completely unrelated to your degree - think outside the box and just start applying to anything with a decent salary. It's your only hope if you want to stay current on your accounts to preserve your credit, and if you intend to pay them off this decade. Unfortunately, half your debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy so I don't think that that will be a great option for you here, you can't really walk away from this without paying.

  4. I’m also down to join this 20 person internet stranger trivia team!

  5. Beaulahland? It might still be busy but if you show up 20 minutes early you'll still probably end up with a seat.

  6. Yeah it's mostly where I've been watching international soccer tournaments since the early 2010's, they've got one room with a big projector and another overflow room with a regular tv set up for the games. I think it's probably exactly what you're looking for. If you show up right at 7am for the first game you'll likely have no trouble getting a spot in the big projector room, but for the 11am I'd get there a little early.

  7. My wife is a secular Jew and has been really wanting to find friends and community in Portland. She moved here to be with me during the early days of the pandemic, which was an impossible time to make friends. Now we're both trying to focus on improving our social lives so you could count us both in for a bar hang or whatever!

  8. Have you already moved out of your place into an apartment? If not, you might want to wait on the bankruptcy and preserve your 620 credit score until after you move. It can be impossibly difficult to rent an apartment with a sub-600 credit score, and you might end up having to live in an extended stay hotel or with family/friends for a few years.

  9. So- I was born in 1960… my oldest cousins (and the oldest brothers & sisters of my best friends)- graduated from Rye/ PortChester, NY high-schools in 1967, 1968, 1969- many attended Marin, CA college and Berkley, CA… since it was completely free and they wanted the Haight experience… but when they came home to see Grateful play at the Capitol Theater in Mar/1970 and then saw all 5 nights Feb/1971… Pigpen really being the big draw- everybody wanted to see Ron… and where Bill Graham arranged breakfast for over 1,500 fans after an all-night show…. they were like- the Dead love our Capitol Theater in Portchester! (and the hippies were actually leaving San Fran… so they moved back to east-coast)

  10. What do you think it was about Pigpen that made him the big draw? I've heard that so many times from old heads, and I think Jerry even said something like you've never seen the Grateful Dead if you didn't see them with Pigpen. I'm just not sure I totally understand it.

  11. I've been doing it twice a week for 4 months with no problems. I'm also college educated with a full time job, but we are on an aggressive plan to completely pay off our debt and any bit of extra income helps. Takes me about an hour per donation, and I get $40 on the first one of the week and $90 on the second. It's completely worth it and so easy, as long as you can find the time to consistently show up for both weekly donations.

  12. $200 a month for groceries really shouldn't be a problem, but you have to be willing to do your own cooking from scratch. There are plenty of blogs and youtube channels dedicated to cheap meals or meal planning on $5/day or whatever.

  13. Enjoy the show, just caught them for the 2 nights in PDX and they killed it

  14. Night 1 was excellent, Shakedown and China>Rider were standouts for me. But now with both shows behind me, it's pretty clear yesterday was just a warmup for tonight.

  15. It’s so frustrating when I try to explain to people that these kids are basically better than anyone on the planet right now and deadheads just look at me like I’m full of shit because they are not super well known yet.

  16. I'm with you! I'll take Shred over JRAD any day of the week. I actually chose Shred over Bobby too, since he was playing just 2 hours south on Friday. Next time these guys hit up Portland/Seattle/Vancouver I think I'll tag along for the whole leg of the tour. Like it's just that good.

  17. I went to the Folsom shows alone this year and had a blast! I'll be doing it again next year. It's such a beautiful town and everyone at every dead show is super nice. You'll meet plenty of people there that are also traveling solo, especially if you are GA field.

  18. I'm happy because it's another chance for me to try (and probably fail) to get face value tickets to a destination I'm willing to travel to. But I could totally see being pissed if I had tickets to Friday/Saturday, because if I was successful during those presales I would have already booked my hotels and flights too and this announcement would screw all that up - and I'd probably prefer to go Sat/Sunday than Friday/Saturday because of work (can't afford all 3 shows plus 3 nights of hotels).

  19. I like a lot of those bands, and I'm especially a huge pavement fan. Incidentally Malkmus himself is a head (so is Lee Ranaldo). Anyway, what hooked me in was Europe '72. The energy they bring to those performances is just off the charts, and you can tell the boys are having the time of their lives. So I'd start there, or maybe with one of the complete shows from that tour - Frankfurt (april 26) is one of my favorites. Or put on the video of the Tivoli performance on youtube, seeing them in action might help reel them in.

  20. Oh, did not realize that. Do you happen to know what states? We've def come across some that are post-tax.

  21. Oregon has no sales tax. People here tend to tip 18-25% of the bill. 15% would be for bad service.

  22. stsh says:

    People are going to come here and say “don’t worry it’s just Ticketmaster, you’ll be able to get tickets under face day of the show”.

  23. Well nobody is just going to hand you a ticket, but if you set up alerts on CoT and get ready to jump on a good offer, you'll get in. And on CoT it'll be face value or below. Start searching in earnest about 2 months before the show, not now. If even 1% of the initial ticket buyers have a change of plans, that's 400 tickets per night that will end up being resold. But there will be even more than that because all of the scalpers will start to get desperate in the days and hours leading up to the show, and have to cut their prices. Nobody is buying these tickets at 5x markup.

  24. I find it kinda sus that I'm seeing lots of posts of people who could only get Friday but not Saturday (and I'm one of those people). Shouldn't there be an equal number of people who snagged Saturday and need Friday? I'd bet anything they will release more tickets down the line, maybe once the tour kicks off.

  25. If you notice that happening and think about it, dm me please! Usually I’m not one here often enough and prone to miss stuff…would love to buy one before the scalpers…

  26. I'll try to remember! I just checked CashOrTrade and even there, there are multiple people wanting to trade friday tickets for Saturday, even people selling extra Friday tickets, but no Saturday tickets. That tells me they haven't actually released all the Saturday lawn tickets.

  27. See you there, the 2 nights at Folsom last year were my favorite shows of the 5 I made it to. Looking forward to the 3 nights this time around. Cool town and decent venue (for a stadium).

  28. Nothing left but resale tickets...for now. Wouldn't be surprised if they release more later.

  29. I still can't complete a purchase....even though it looks like tickets are definitely still available!

  30. Try tomorrow at 10AM venue time. This is a huge venue, it won't sell out especially with a 3-day run.

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