1. dead, a gold digger somewhere, and ran off tried to come home but forgot where she lived.

  2. Yeah because we don’t know enough about western civilization over here already 🙄, I really don’t see the point he’s trying to make with this.

  3. Yes what does that even mean?! I’ve been trying to decipher this for years

  4. “Now I wake up in the night and watch you breathe.” 👀

  5. Can’t we all just like Lana without arguing lol

  6. Yeah just let people enjoy things please

  7. I love the contrast of the skirt and boots!!


  9. Lana and Taylor are the artists with the most Easter Eggs and self-referential material. Although Taylor is more intentional with hers and actively uses it as promo but Lana is more quiet about it.

  10. Oh no you have mentioned Taylor, sending thoughts and prayers 🙏

  11. God I need this level of petty-strength, advertising your album probably about how sad you are in your ex’s hometown - only Lana, this is why I love her

  12. Girl I’d be panicking too hard to listen to music

  13. Yes like alone??? on the road??? In the cold??? Yeah let me put my headphones in and pick a song so when someone sneaks up on me I won’t hear a thing 🙃

  14. Ryan Reynolds is the most white bread looking man I’ve ever seen lol. While we’re at it Channing Tatum and Paul Rudd too

  15. One time I bit into a dessert cake there that tasted exactly like mildew. Never again

  16. I don’t know what’s affordable to you but I’ve been going to Newberry Animal Hospital (Main) for years and I’ve never felt taken advantage of. They’re transparent with their pricing and give you options but don’t force you to do anything. And I feel like they are worth the care they provide, which I think is key.

  17. Yeah I’ve heard really good things about them. I just need someone to look at my cat because he has been very lethargic lately. I’m worried he has a virus.

  18. Why does everyone talk about Taylor Swift on here 😒

  19. Just keep scrolling. Takes less effort than writing a comment about how you don’t like it

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