1. Everything…except tying my shoes. I can only do the bunny ear method because the other one just doesn’t make sense to me

  2. I’ve had multiple people teach me and for some reason it doesn’t stick. I legitimately try too, but it won’t stick

  3. Did you also get caught trying to shoplift bonestorm?

  4. I love season 2. Even season 1 as crude as it is has some good episodes.

  5. In the middle of an exam when the room was completely quiet 😧

  6. Yes, they did. It was during prayer, and my dad was the pastor. I got a whooping when she got me outside.

  7. The fact that I bounced back from homelessness and drug addiction to being clean (aside from occasional fun usage), settled, content with an amazing wife and job I’m happy with.

  8. It seemed a little slow. So did this sub

  9. Yeah I had some trouble finding people to interact with last night.

  10. Yes 6 plus beers a night is a problem. If he only did it once every couple of months I wouldn't be too worried, but every day is too much.

  11. Will you tell my friends so they will stop calling me crazy?

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