1. Pig’s orgasms last an average of 30 minutes and can last up to 90 minutes.

  2. I always assumed he was either framed or he committed a small crime that was blown out of proportion by the judge or something

  3. Cause my fwb’s are one and done type of men 🙄

  4. You don't sound very enthusiastic with that response.

  5. U were gonna ask her to flash her weren't u?

  6. I'm not physically with her so she can't really flash me.

  7. I don't know the struggle with finding nice bras./

  8. What do you want from him his cholestoral is through the roof?

  9. I have driven thousands of miles not wearing glasses.

  10. Dude, everyone isn't as prude as you : some of us have sex without procreating.

  11. This doesn't make sense. Why is a duck having sex with a xenomorph?

  12. If he doesn't want you having sex with another woman than it is cheating.

  13. He has a chance. I'm not sure if its a good chance though. But it does worry me that people don't seem to be overly pleased with Biden.

  14. That what gets you though, just broke a tool and that damn truck rolls up. "Just take it you can pay next week." All of a sudden you owe him then you are going on the truck to pay the bill and see all the shinys. It's an trap.

  15. Absolutely. Its like being a kid on a candy store. Luckily I have enough self control to just buy the stuff that I want to be snap on quality.

  16. Without knowing your wife I can't say for sure. That being said I would assume that it is.

  17. first guy i slept with in college i've been dating for nearly 3 years. also never been to a frat party or party in general (started in 2020) so it's been okay

  18. My first semester was in 2012. You make me feel old lol.

  19. Just finished masturbating, now I’m getting high and watching Workaholics

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