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  1. Yes. It's mine, and I'd like it back please 😳

  2. “With mental health being at all time highs…” They don’t know what they’re saying. Safe to ignore, like most Cosi supporters.

  3. Seeing and hearing Cosi all the time contributes to my declining mental health. Good decision SAFM! 👍

  4. Would you, could you, on a train?

  5. The absolute gall of calling the US Secretary of Defence and telling him "we have intelligence that Ukraine is gonna do this thing" when the US has demonstrated multiple times in the last few months that they know exactly what Russia's gonna do weeks before they do it.

  6. I know it was a rhetorical question, but I'm going with retarded.

  7. To be fair, the lettuce has just been sitting there. If it had been working as much as Truss has it might look more like she does

  8. To further that explanation, each of our cells has a self destruct code written into our DNA. When the sun's radiation hits our cells and damages them, they actually terminate themselves. Every so often a cell won't do as it's supposed to and it doesn't self terminate, so the radiation causes it to mutate, as the above explains.

  9. The only thing true about this is that the photo is them

  10. But I didn't disapprove of the disapproval of the approved approval, I was just asking a clarifying question to gain clarity on the disapproval of the disapproved approved approval to ensure I understood it clearly.

  11. In that case I rescind my accusation of your disapproving the disapproval of the approved approval and further approve your non-approval or non-disapproval of your comment. You understood correctly.

  12. Well then I must follow up by expressing my appreciation that you appreciated the intent behind my clarification question regarding the clarity of the disapproval of the approved approval, and I really think we've cleared things up here.

  13. They ran out of funding for more security cameras, so they're putting an officer in there to keep an eye on the place

  14. I don't know about challenge locks but Ace Hardware branded locks can be surprisingly good.

  15. Thank you! I was also wondering what locks I could buy while here, that's a good start. Cheers

  16. This is an amazing response from your father. Was it also a huge relief for you?

  17. All the major ones operate 24/7, like the RAH, Lyell McEwin, Flinders Medical Centre. Should be able to find something open

  18. My partner and I discussed this very thing and have decided to stop trying. We just can't raise a child properly in this climate, and I don't thing we will ever be able to afford to now.

  19. For the speeds that we get, it's an absolute rip off

  20. Exactly. Who gave the Russians the right to take the lives of so many Ukranian men, women and CHILDREN!! they deserve every piece of equipment they're given to defend themselves against unjust murder, torture, rape and genocide. Grow the fuck up and take your idealised bullshit elsewhere.

  21. He looks good at any aspect ratio.

  22. Of course. Haven't you ever heard the saying "don't put all your eggs in one cup holder"?

  23. There are a few kinds. The rich. The big. The jokers.

  24. I look forward to seeing you in the comments again sometime.

  25. Hopefully they are gone for good. Most people have realised its just a billionaire trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

  26. The article goes on to say that the UAP do this between elections to save on administrative costs/time. They're unfortunately not going anywhere and will just re-register before next election.

  27. Except that they cannot re-register until AFTER the next election...

  28. It's just what the article says. Go argue with the reporter.

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