1. Feet rate very highly in the Greeks upkeep in terms of body and cleanliness. It is almost socially unacceptable to have unkept feet and ladies especially spend a large amount of time and money having pro pedicures very frequently. I d think in European terms as a % of income, Greeks spend more than anyone else in body grooming, particularly in hair and nails.

  2. The downside of all of that is that for the ones that like a bit of personal whiff and well worn scents, it would rarely be a case. Having lived in the country for over 15 years, I ve never met a Greek girl with feet that whiffed at all.

  3. Awesome moment! And I thought all the gyms were closed today since it's Thanksgiving.

  4. Haha indeed… in fact it’s about 3% of the world population hat give an f about it or know what it is… namely you guys in the states

  5. 1 in 6 or roughly 17% in male populations allegedly, and about 3 times less frequent among females. Something to do with brain wiring and proximity of said wiring to various scent and sense processing locations… quite a lot of bibliography on the topic don’t know the medical terms

  6. My wife had told her mom about my fetish and my particular likings of well worn shoes and the aroma of after work feet, clearly as my MIL was always quite showy and quipping “gosh my feet are so tired in these heels” or “my feet really perspire in these slippers etc”. This was going on for a while, until one time we were alone for some reason, she started quizzing me about it, eventually asking me to sniff her toes…

  7. Most recent & frequent is probably my wife’s Toms shoes she wears casually when off work and during holidays when she has to walk a lot… she knows I love their smell and she privately teases me and occasionally entices me… 😎

  8. Not playing or dangling per se, but my x MiL would often give me a lift to the station in her classic two seater MGB (an old English sports car) and she would kick off her lace less worn Keds to drive barefoot… the whole car would smell of her foot smell, which was alluring to say the least…

  9. I more like warm, a bit moist just off a pair of flats or well worn heels kind of dirty, not dirty as in bare footing on the street…. Have an older colleague sitting back to back with me in our office, and often she will dangle or remove her (usually black parent mid heels) off her bare feet… I do get a musky leathery whiff 3 yards away occasionally but the best is checking out her cramped toes and shoe marks on them as well as her toe printed insoles… I think she also knows what this is doing to me and she is playing on it

  10. I d agree with the above… in my opinion the further south one goes in European terms the more taboo ff is… I find scandis and the UK overall fairly accepting

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