1. There have been documentarys on this topic. I thought everyone all ready knew this.

  2. I had no idea there were documentaries on it, but I am only 18 and still trying to learn about a lot of this stuff since I’m mostly new to all of it

  3. I feel you, Rev was my first round 100. I can't stand Ascension so i never attempted a high round on that map. Alpha Omega is also my favorite map of bo4 zombies, i can easily spend a 100 rounds there considering that

  4. Idk why but I struggled really bad with 100 on Ascension, plus I can't stand the map either, but I still spent a couple weeks trying over and over again until I finally got it and I haven't even thought about playing it since then

  5. Can relate, did the Classified EE to round 150 never touched it again

  6. I was trying to do the Classified EE earlier today but I had to go do something and I didn't think about the power save settings on my Xbox that I hadn't changed, so after an hour my game shut off when I was at round 31 my first time playing the map

  7. Do you get another quick revive after using 3 if you use perkaholics?

  8. I suppose you’re doing the WaW challenge? No QR in solo

  9. Nah I just thought I ran out of quick revives, I forgot you could get them from the wonderfizz

  10. I would tell you to go for it, but the rounds go so slow in the biodome. No joke a round takes probably 4 times longer than on revelations and ascension. It's a real hassle

  11. I just tried the camping strategy in tunnel 11 made it to round 73 in about 2 hours, it can get really hard sometimes though

  12. Was getting 115 on revelations on purpose or just a lucky coincidence?

  13. It was on purpose because I had been playing for over 6 hours and I was getting bored so I figured that would be a good round to end what my first round 100 game was

  14. I only have 2 power vacuums at the moment but I'm about to try for my first 100 on shadows, I think if I can make it to at least 90 before taking any power vacuums I'll be good

  15. I died at 24 because I messed up the strategy I was using, I was trying to train in the kuda room with dead wire and using the baby gun to protect myself but I died because I opened the door next to the kuda trying to survive because I went red screen

  16. look up "sulky118 shangrila" and use the camping strategy with the original 4 perks u dont even need anything for gg besides alchemical. i got to round 49 first attempt.

  17. I only had 3 before starting the game so they didn't help me nearly as much as people will think, it still took about 5 hours and I ended up getting to 104

  18. I was using immolation liquidation, alchemical antithesis, unquenchable, power vacuum, and round robbin

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